Course Introduction


Wednesday 14:20pm - 17:20pm (6~8)


Room 407, Civil Engineering Research Building  ( 土木研究大樓 )


Shih-Chung "Jessy" Kang 康仕仲, Room 607, Civil Engineering Research Building


Ming-Chang "Ray" Wen 溫明璋, Robot Lab(410), Civil Engineering Research Building

Cheng-Hsuan "Jason" Yang 楊政玹, Robot Lab(410), Civil Engineering Research Building


Course Description

This course is designed for graduate students and senior undergraduate students to understand the latest development of robotics in construction automation. By studying and discussing the assigned materials (including book chapters, journal/conference papers and selected web pages), students will be familiar with fundamental robotics and varied applications of robots in the construction industry. Multiple programming projects will be assigned to help students gain the hand-on experience of robot development and controls.

Three modules are included in this course: 1. Automation, 2. Mobile Robot, 3. Bio-inspiring Robot. Each module include multiple hands-on labs, assigned readings, a hands-on project and a report. We believe the most effective education for this course is learning-by-doing and learning-by-thiknking. We expect students actively participate in class activities and closely work in as a team.