Cadott High School Forensics is an extracurricular open to students in grades 9-12. Forensics helps students create and build upon sound oratory skills through speaking competitions. Some of the more popular categories students choose to participate in are: poetry , prose, playacting, and radio speaking. Forensics members compete three times a year at the sub-district, district, and state levels.
Both the sub-district and district competitions include three speaking rounds each. In order for students to advance at the sub-district level, they must earn two scores of 16 or higher. Students who advance past the sub-district level and complete at the district level must earn two scores of eighteen or higher in order to advance to the state competition in Madison.

At the state level, students compete for medals and are judged and scored as follows:

  • 25 pts: Gold Medal
  • 23-24 pts: Silver Medal
  • 21-22 pts: Bronze Medal