In The Mystery of the Weeping Rocks, no stone is left unturned. Gray Locke's ten-year-old imagination explodes into life while he goes about problem solving a riddle. The story begins at his grandparent's house in Western Massachusetts. There, Gray's tenacious curiosity takes him on an odyssey through his Grandmother Windsor's gardens, and off to neighboring lands-where his investigation leads him to such places as an abandoned marble quarry, a brook and caves. Gray hadn't a clue about weeping rocks. He didn't even know if such a thing ever existed. All he could base his investigation on was what he caught at the tail end of a conversation between his father and uncle. With his keen sensibility, and wild imagination, Gray is able to create different scenarios about what the weeping rocks may be, before finally learning the truth. Gray Locke likes riddles and puzzles. And he found the mystery of the weeping rocks a welcome challenge.


" . . . when we dance . . . amidst the twirling turmoil, sometimes we trip and fall." 

In The Witch of Clover Hill, there's a great deal brewing in the witch's cauldron. Gray Locke's ten-year-old imagination shines through as he goes about trying to demystify luck, ghosts, and witches. The story begins at his home in Marlborough, Massachusetts. There, he shows his friends, Doug and Kevin, a four-leaf clover that he found. That sparks a competition between Gray and Doug over who can gain the most luck, using such charms as a stray eye-lash, rabbit's foot, lucky penny, and lucky mibs. Then the story takes a turn when the boys meet the new kid, Mandy. Can they all be friends? When Mandy introduces her best friend, P.J., to the group, that question is put to the test. Then P.J. and the gang stumbled upon an old Ouija board game, and she convinces the others that they need the assistance of a witch to help make contact with someone from Gray's past. While the witch's cauldron is brewing with lucky charms and Ouija boards, Gray's aunt brings him a gift. And that gift opened up an entire new universe for Gray. Using his spaceship of the imagination-Mox-he becomes an intergalactic ranger and soars off to compete in a championship Super Shooter tournament. But he soon discovers that he got a little more than he bargained for. In order for him to win the tournament, he has to face witches, monkey-boys, rats, a worm, and a host of other entities. Using his imagination and intuition, Gray finds creative solutions to the challenges that lie ahead of him, both in the universe of his imagination and in the real world.

 "So, we pick ourselves back up and continue to dance."

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