December 2016

  • Been searching for my muse.

November 2016

  • My friend, J Bridget Chicoine, has just released her latest book! It's the last book of her "Portraits" trilogy; a suspenseful, coming-of-age novel that has many layers. I copyedited/proofread the series. HERE.

June 2016

April 2016

  • Creating two local history websites. Links to follow soon.  

June 2015

  • Work continues on various projects; from music to literature.

May 2015

Disabled my blog until further notice. Been working on numerous projects. I hope to have more to report in the near future.  

June 2014

April 2014

  • Writing continues to be fragmentary.  

February 2014

  • My creating has been fragmentary these days -- adding bits and pieces when inspired.      

October 2013

  • Been working on music and lyrics these days. 

February 2013

  • Created the Hendricks Head Lighthouse website.
  • Updated various other websites, (TurtleZone blog, Off-world News, TSC).
  • The past month I've been honing in on book III of the Gray Locke series. It's a slow process, but I like where it's heading. 

October 2012
  • Created the Casper website, blog, and video
  • Continuing my work and research for the Gray Locke series.

September 2012
  • Working on the Gray Locke series.

August 2012
  • Created a website featuring the music of The Grasshoppers. (Still under construction) 

July 2012

June 2012

May 2012

April 2012
  • I finished the second installment of the DADoES/Blade Runner fanfiction story, titled Awaiting Dawn
  • I will now return to my work on the Gray Locke series. 
  • Update on blog.

March 2012

February 2012

January 2012
  • Finishing up with web-article for KippleZone.
  • Writing article on Humanism.
  • Writing up an interview on two fellow writers.
  • Here's to the start of a new year ... cheers!

December 2011
  • The screenplay has been completed! I am very proud of the piece. And Patryk likes it too. It's in the hands of Titan Pictures now. It's titled THE DREAMSCAPER.
  • The article for the fan-fiction website has progressed further. I am now waiting on some material and responses to complete it. 
  • The OFF-WORLD NEWS continues to expand, (now found on Google+).
  • I also started work on another online article. I'll post when it's up.
  • New website created for Satellite 2 Music. (Not much, but it's cleaner).
  • Other than that, it has been a productive month -- overall.

November 2011
  • I am finishing up a screenplay based on a story that a friend and I wrote. (It is for an independent stop-animation short)
  • I also need to finish an introduction and list of questions for an interview I am conducting on two fellow writers.
  • Then, I have an article that I started a while back for a fan-fiction website that I'd like to go over again and tweak, and hopefully post that up.
  • Created this new website.
  • Created new websites for MEMORIA and Gray Locke.

Amidst all this hectic activity, I have also been debating whether or not to start work on a book of illustrated poems, or should I get on to the next Gray Locke book -- after I finish the above mentioned projects.

October 2011
  • Gradually getting back to into writing.
  • Been working on a screenplay. It's to a story that I collaborated on with Patryk Wawer. 

September 2011
  • Still out to sea -- but looking through my spyglass I can see 'the shoreline is bluff and guarded with rocks'. 

August 2011
  •  Currently in a boat without a rudder riding on a turbulent sea. 

July 2011
  • Life is getting back on track. I hope to resume a couple of projects very soon.

June 2011
  • My life has been in turmoil these days. As a result, all of my projects have been put on hold. 

May 2011
  • I'm back to beginning -- revising 'Giants of the Vale'.

    There was a string of three days a couple of weeks ago when I was productive. Then I relized one of its faults, and started to work on it to make it better. Then it all fell apart. Oh, I'll be keeping some 23,000 words or so. But, a rewrite is definately in order.

  • I was interviewed last week. The article will be online May 7th., (the link to the interview is posted in My Blog). 

April 2011
  • It's time for a life shift.

March 2011
  • There's another Blade Runner revival going on now. The rights to the film and its franchise has been bought by Alcon Entertainment. And that means -- prequels and sequels are in its future. As a result, an old idea of mine has resurfaced; Blade Runner: The Musical
  • After a short respite from working on the third book of the Gray Locke series, I have finally returned to it with a fresher mind.  
  • The book giveaway has ended. There were 972 requests -- five winners. Congratulations to those who won!  :)  
February 2011
  • Been working on promoting the book, "The Witch of Clover Hill."
  • Goodreads Book Giveaway for "The Witch of Clover Hill" currently active.
  • I continue to work on the third book of the Gray Locke series. 
  • Edited and completed two promo videos for the first two books in the Gray Locke series.  
January 2011
  • I've been searching for musicians to perform and record two songs that I wrote to accompany the book "Gray Locke: The Witch of Clover Hill." 
  • One of the two songs completed. Recorded and performed by Satellite Shine. 
  • Been working on the third Gray Locke book.

December 2010
  • The book, "Gray Locke: The Witch of Clover Hill," is now available. 
  • New discoveries and updates on TSC website. :) 

November 2010
  • The upcoming book, Gray Locke ~ The Witch of Clover Hill, is nearly ready. I'm just waiting on the PCIP data to add to it. Then, it'll be off to the printers!
  • Working on two "extras" to go along with the book. Not sure if they will be ready by the release of the book. Check on my blog for further updates. 

October 2010
  • The upcoming book, Gray Locke ~ The Witch of Clover Hill, is still in edit/proof-reading mode. It was my hope to have it completed by now. However, it hadn't turned out that way. I continue to work on this - daily. Some days are more productive than others. But, I can assure you that, with each tweak, it's gotten better. And as much as I want to share this story with the world - yesterday - I don't want to publish an inferior piece of literature. As with my first book, I'll know when it's time to release it. :)
August 2010
  • I needed to take some time off from writing the book, (~ a week). 
  • Returned to writing. It's coming together. Good to look at it with refreshed eyes.  :)  

July 2010
  • Making some headway with the book. It's coming along splendidly. :)  

June 2010
  • Took a trip to Marlborough, Massachusetts.
  • Still writing.  

May 2010
  • Still writing...

April 2010
  • Working on the fourth story of book 2, (four of four). And it's going excruciatingly slow at the moment.  
March 2010
  • I've been writing the next book in the Gray Locke series. It's coming along rather splendidly. I've had contact with some folks in Marlborough, Massachusetts to begin some discussions on some historical content I have written into the story. Very exciting.  :)

February 2010
  • A dry month.  Where did it go?
January 2010
  • Book Launch scheduled for January 9, 2010 at PapyriBooks in North Adams, MA 7PM.  Go to the Gray Locke Portal for further details.
  • I am currently working on the next story for the sequel in the Gray Locke series.
  • Also working on lyrics to songs I wrote over the summer/autumn.


December 2009
  • Book published, and it is available online.

November 2009
  • The book is finished. I ended up doing the illustrations myself. I'm pleased with the results. Now I am waiting on the publishing end of things.  
October 2009
  • Final draft of the book is underway. Then I will seek an illustrator for it. 

September 2009
  • Been focussed on researching and writing first children's book this last August and into September. More on this as it develops.


July 2009
  • Memoria: Blade Runner Rock Project is currently going through a mutation.  
  • Working on lyrics of a song for the "Lonely Satellite" web-serial.
  • The web-serial "Lonely Satellite"  blog version is completed!
  • Preparing conversion and continuation of  the story "Lonely Satellite"  for book publication.  Being titled "Satellite 2".  
  • Satellite 2 Music established as my new music publishing business.
March 2009

Memoria ~ Blade Runner: The Rock Project is currently underway.  Working out some details.  More on this as it develops!