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Blade Runner:The Rock Project 

Music inspired by the movie Blade Runner. 

MEMORIA presented a new way of viewing the neo-noir film Blade Runner. The idea was to translate, in music and in words, the over-industrialized; multi-ethnic; dehumanized; polluted environment; depiction of a dystopian future, with focus on the story-line and the character's relationships and feelings.

The movie was shown on a projection screen, accompanied with original music by MEMORIA, before a live audience. It was rock oriented, but didn't neglect the ambiance of the cyberpunk film setting. The songs paired with the scenes, savoring every key element in the film. The music enhanced the vision, whilst the words reinforced the story.

Listen as the angelic voice of Carolina Di Gregorio shines through strong and expressive on these samples. The song Dawn at Tyrell's showcases the talent of Marco Spatuzzi's guitar virtuosity, while Fabricated Minds provides a playing field for keyboardist extraordinaire Alessandro Bianconi. Perfect lets bassist Gianfranco Vigneri and drummer Federico Berchi take the lead in this up-tempo song, displaying their intricate and tight performance. 

The music was written by Marco Spatuzzi. The lyrics were written by C.A. Chicoine. The music was arranged and performed by MEMORIA. 

Blade Runner is copyright ©1982 Warner Brothers, Ladd Company, and the Blade Runner Partnership. Imaged used in this product are intended to be inspired by Blade Runner. No IP infringement is intended.



Carolina Di Gregorio:  vocals
Marco Spatuzzi:  guitar
Alessandro Bianconi:  keyboards
Gianfranco Vigneri:  bass
Federico Berchi:  drums

  • Intro. L.A. 2019
  • Off-world Colonies
  • Bring on the Night
  • Dawn at Tyrell's
  • Fabricated Minds (Instrumental)
  • Time Enough
  • Questions (Instrumental)
  • City Streets (Instrumental)
  • I Wanted to See You
  • City Streets (Reprise) (Instrumental)
  • I Make Friends
  • The Esper Machine (Instrumental)
  • Merchants of Souls
  • Taffy Lewis (Instrumental)
  • On The Run
  • He Must Die
  • Looking Through the Eyes of a Child
  • Perfect
  • The Last Breakfast
  • God of Biomechanics (Instrumental)
  • Drive
  • House of the Rising Dolls
  • Thrive/How to Stay Alive
  • Tears in Rain (Instrumental)
  • My Mind Lies

This is an audio sampler highlighting the twenty-four songs from "Blade Runner: The Rock Project" -- music inspired by the movie Blade Runner.

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