All About Me

    • I graduated from FHU in 1997 with a BS in Elementary Edu. and 
    • I continued my education at Trevecca where I received my M. Ed. 1999.
    • I continued my education at Cumberland University and received my +45 in Education.
    • Married to my Wonderful Husband Eric Spears 24 years in August!

    • Eric is the Network Administrator for the City of Springhill.
    • Two adorable children (Grant and Madison) ☺

    • Grant is an 11th Grader here at CA. He is also a CA Varsity Football player #71.

    • Madison is an 8th Grader here at CA. She enjoys gymnastics at Premier Athletes

    • This is my 22st year teaching, 20th year here at CA!

    • I have taught: K, 1st, 2nd, 4th, & 5th

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    My Favorite Things

    Teacher ________Mrs. Becky Spears__________________

    My birthday is ______May 22_______________________.

    My favorite color is _____Gray ,Teal_and Black____________.

    My favorite restaurant is ____Longhorn_&_O’Charley’s__________.

    My favorite food/treat is ____I love fruit and nuts and protein bars_____.

    Do you have any food allergies? ___NO_______________________.

    Places I like to shop:     1. _Kohl’s____________________

                    2. _Sister Kate’s______________

                    3. _Amazon____________

    Favorite hobbies:        1.__Spending time with family camping________

                    2. __Painting and refinishing furniture_________

                    3. __Watching Netflix after cleaning house_______

    Wish list for the classroom:    1. ____Electric Pencil Sharpener_________

                        2. ____Printer ink (color and black)_______

                        3. ___Copier paper and colored cardstock

    How can we help you as room mothers?

    Filing papers weekly!__________________________________

    What special events do you have planned for the class?  

    How can we help?  Do you need volunteers?

    Help with Class Parties!________________________

Becky Spears,
Jan 14, 2018, 5:10 PM