Computer Systems

Please keep in mind while browsing:

  • For orders of more than five items, please contact Gale Stevens directly - link
  • The cost of shipping is included in all prices on computer systems. 
  • Please add 8.25% sales tax to all orders.
  • California eWaste Fees:

    This fee applies to video display screens that measure more than four inches in diagonally. Covered items include monitors, laptops, TV's. Here is the fee breakdown:

     Viewable Screen Size (measured diagonally)
     Greater than 4" less than 15"   
     $5.00   each
     Equal to or greater than 15" and less than 35" 
     $6.00   each
     35" and larger     
     $7.00   each

    These fees do not automatically show up on the quotes, they need to be added to every purchase requisition.

  • Warranty info: note that the standard 3-year warranty is included in the listed costs for Dell computers. If you are getting a quote for an Apple computer through their website, you must add on the cost of the warranty. 

PC Computers - Dell

Vendor information: 

Vendor: Dell
Vendor #: 2254

General Dell Purchasing Info:
Dell provides Cabrillo with a custom online page for researching, choosing, and purchasing their computers, called the 'My Premiere'. Please follow the link below to search for the computer of your choosing:

See Dell's website for Cabrillo College PC configuration

Note that the standard 3 year warranty and shipping costs are included in the listed price. The eWase fees listed above are not.

Apple Computers

Vendor information: 

Vendor: Apple Computer Inc. 
Vendor #: 1912

General Apple purchasing info:
Due to the fact Apple configurations change frequently, please contact Gale Stevens in Purchasing (477-5613) or Hart Hancock in Information Technology (479-6577) for the current specification.

Warranty Info on Macs:
If you are creating a quote on the Apple Website, the 3-year warranty must be added on, it is not automatic. Below are the item numbers and prices you should add the AppleCare Protection Plan for.

If the quote comes through without the warranty, it will be added to the order.

Additional info: Note that the California eWaste fees still apply and are not included in the listed price. Shipping costs are included in the listed price.