Cover Design Contest


Cover Design Contest for the 6th Social Justice Conference Journal

Cover Design Contest Prize is increased to $400!

Individual and group entries are welcome!

Every contestant receives a gift; those who already entered by March 30 will receive two gifts!

Deadline extended: April 10, 2012  

Thanks to Palo Alto University for their sponsorship!

Contest Information

Participation Eligibilities:

Open to all currently registered Cabrillo College students.

Contestants may enter as an individual designer or as a group.

Each contestant may only submit one individual entry. A contestant may also submit up to two group entries in addition to his/her individual entry.

Each entry must be an original artwork submitted as a portable digital file (PDF).

Entry Guidelines:

Each entry should express at least one social justice theme, display artistic quality, and be suitable for publication as a journal cover.

It must contain the following three sets of wording: (a) Cabrillo College (this phrase will be replaced by an official Cabrillo College logo after the entry is selected for publication); (b) The sixth (or 6th) Social Justice Conference; (c) Breaking All Barriers. It will be the artist’s judgment to arrange these three sets of wording on the cover design. 

It should be in color with the dimension of 8.5” x 11” and portrait (vertical) orientation.

Save your design into a PDF. The PDF entry will be forwarded to professional jurors for anonymous ranking. Therefore, the file name must be unified as the following: 

6SJCLastFourDigitsOfYourStudentID      (E.g. 6SJC0000)

Note: If the original work is in an art form such as drawing, please scan, photograph, or use other means to convert it into a PDF. Joint effort/group entry is encouraged. E.g. one team member makes a sculpture, and another member photographs it for the cover design.

Submission Requirements:

Download the digital entry form from this page by clicking on the down arrow next to the form. Add the last four digits of your student ID after the original file name on your completed form for easy identification. 

E.g. 6SJCContestEntryForm0000

Save your entry form in PDF. Email your complete entry form (in PDF) along with your artwork (in a separate PDF) to Write “6SJC contest submission” in the subject line by Tuesday, April 10, 2012.

After Submission:

All entries that follow the guidelines will be sent to a jury for anonymous ranking before the conference. All entries will be displayed at the conference for conference participants’ voting. The finalist will be selected by combining the scores from jury ranking and public voting, and will be honored at the conference closing ceremony on April 21, 2012.

Every contestant will receive a gift at or after the conference; those who entered by March 30 will receive two gifts. The finalist will receive a scholarship of $400. If an instructor awards homework credit or extra credits, a contestant may request a certification of participation. More information will be available in April 2012. 

By entering the contest, the contestant permits the contest organizers to use his/her entry and/or the designing description to promote SJC and related matters. Even if an entry is not selected for the journal cover, it may be published in the journal and/or on the website.

If an entry is selected for the journal cover, the winner gives the copyright to the publisher, and must agree to be available to work with the publisher when any adjustment is needed.

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