SJC2013 Online Pre-registration Page

Please fill out the online Pre-Registration form below, and pick up a SJC registration packet at the Conference on Saturday 4/20 at SJC Registration Station (between Forum 450 and Building 300), the Will-Call Table.

The SJC registration packet includes (not limited to) the following materials:
1) A booklet of the conference program;
2) An “Information/Feedback” card: (a) Show this card to our Food Service Team to get your breakfast and lunch; (b) Complete it and return it to a room volunteer or to the registration station if you leave early; (c) Use the card to redeem a gift at the end of conference if you attend the most of or whole conference.
3) A raffle ticket: You must be present to win; you may win a bigger prize at the end of the conference.
4) A “Participation and/or Volunteer Verification” card: You may use it to earn extra and/or make-up credits from your instructor(s).

Pre-registration form