Permaculture Club

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Want to re-start the Cabrillo Permaculture Club?

Here's the information you need to know.

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   Starting a Campus Club at Cabrillo College

1. Step One

Must Read: ICC Sustainable Purchasing Policy

Advisor Agreement & Requirement forms

Adviser & executive club members must read ICC's sustainable purchase policy. Please complete and sign the agreement form and  requirement form. Forms must be submitted to the Student Activities Coordinator.

2.  Step Two

Club Application

Complete the club charter application online every semester two weeks prior the beginning of the semester. Students are able to start & charter a new club all thought out the semester expect for the last three weeks of school.

3. Step Three

       Sample Constitution & Bylaws

Create your club's Constitution and Bylaws.

Use the provided template to create your own:

4. Step Four

Clubs Current Website Information

All clubs are required and responsible to keep basic club information updated on the web throughout the semester. Please complete the provided template and email to Students who are interested in joining your club will refer to this information to contact information on the website for club's meeting location, days, times and contact email. If any of the club's information changes throughout the semester it is the club's responsability to update the template form and email it to

      Charter Club Check list

        Please refer to the check list to guide you through charter process of a club.  

         For further questions or information please contact:

Zach McDaniel -  Student Activities Coordinator

 Phone: 831-477-5115

This page about the Permaculture Club is currently under contstruction. Please check back at a later time. 

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