Dr. Meg Gudgeirsson

Why Study History

History is the study of change over time. People study history for a variety of reasons: to learn about who we are, to learn stories, to challenge preconceived notions, to prevent history from repeating itself, the list goes on and on. History shows us that people, ideas, and beliefs are not static. History makes us better world citizens. 
In addition, history helps students to develop critical thinking, analytical writing, and research skills. 
I encourage students to come into my classes with an open mind, questions, and the desire to challenge his/herself. 

Courses Currently Taught at Cabrillo

Course NumberCourse NameDays & Location
History 17A     U.S. History Through 1865Online
History 14    Women in America        Online


You can contact me by emailing at megudgei@cabrillo.edu or visiting me during office hours (see course pages).