Wireless Internet access

Using wireless

Students can use the wireless connection in the CTC. If you are having trouble connecting, come to the CTC and we will help you connect. Besides desktop computers, we also have tables and study spaces around the lab for students who want to use their own devices and need room to spread out a little. We also have outlets and phone chargers. 

Is this going to cost me anything?

The wireless is a free service provided by Cabrillo College to staff, faculty and students. 

How do I get an computer account and password?

As a student you get access to wireless, printers, copiers and desktop Macs and PCs. You log into a computer with your 7-digit Student ID. Your password is your WebAdvisor password. If you are having trouble logging in, come to the CTC (1400 building on lower campus) and we will assist you. 

I see both Hawknet wireless and Secure-Hawknet. What's the difference?

Cabrillo offers two options for wireless access on our campuses:
  • Hawknet, an unsecure, open wireless network
  • Secure-Hawknet, a secure, protected wireless network
Both networks supply a speedy connection, but secure-hawknet offers two benefits:
  1. An encrypted connection between your computer and our wireless access points
  2. Requires you to log in only once per semester, per device
Cabrillo's IT department highly recommends that you use secure-hawknet, if possible.

Where is wireless available on Campus?

Wireless service is generally available across the Aptos and Watsonville campuses. You might find spotty coverage in the parking lots or in some outdoor areas, but generally our campuses have good wireless signal. If you notice a location with poor coverage, please contact the Help Desk at x6392 and we will evaluate the possibility of adding a new Access Point. 

How do I configure my computer or other device to connect to secure-wireless Hawknet?

We have staff available if you are having trouble connecting your phone or laptop to Cabrillo’s wireless. Using our secure wireless connection requires a few special settings, but you can continue to use that  secure-wireless on our campuses with the settings you initially configured. Configuration on most devices and operating systems is simple, with most configuration done automatically. We are happy to help.