Certified Background

What is Certified Background/Profile(CB)?

Certified Background is a web based company that provides a central clearing house for your compliance information.  This enables not only the Clinical Compliance Coordinator, but also, the clinical sites access to your compliance information.  You will purchase three items from Certified Background:

1.  A document manager (one time purchase)
2.  A background check (one time purchase unless you take time off from your program)
3.  A drug screen (annual requirement normally purchased twice)

Once you set up your account you will be able to upload all documents needed for compliance and have access to your Background Check and Drug Screen when they are completed. They also offer you online storage for personal documents, help with writing reference requests and other services.

When and how do I sign up for my Certified Background/Profile account?

At your program orientation or at the Clinical Compliance Sessions you will be given information regarding if and when you may register with Certified Background.

In order to purchase the three items listed above, you will need codes called "package codes."  These code will be provided to you at your compliance session.

To sign up

Go to certifiedbackground.com and enter the package code(s) in the “Place Order” box.

How do I use my Certified Background/Profile account?

After signing up please call Certified to walk you through how to use their site (
888-914-7279). You must also read:
 Guidelines and rules for using your Certified Background/Profile account.


CertifiedProfile Service Desk Hours of Operation
Monday-Thursday: 8am-8pm EST
Friday: 8am 6pm EST
Sunday: 12pm-8pm EST