Welcome to the team site for Cabrillo's 2019 Accreditation, providing the standards teams with resources and information to help them navigate the self-evaluation process. Suggestions and comments welcome!

  • Spring 2016 - Select standard co-chairs
  • Fall 2016 - Kickoff with co-chairs, recruit teams
  • Spring 2017 - Kickoff with teams, produce draft outlines for standards & QFE
  • Fall 2017 - Produce draft narratives for all standards & QFE topics
  • Spring 2018 - Produce 2nd draft narratives for all standards & QFE topics
  • Fall 2018 - Produce final drafts
  • Spring 2019 - Campus forums, Board review, produce publishable report
  • Fall 2019 - ACCJC team visit (likely September 30, 2019)

Detailed timeline available here.

 ACCJC Liaison for Cabrillo
 Vice President Gohar Momjian
 Oversight Role, Accreditation
 Institutional Effectiveness Committee
 Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO)    
 Kathie Welch, VP Instruction
 Overall Accreditation Co-Chairs    
 Georg Romero & Diane Putnam
 Standard I: Mission, Academic Quality
 & Institutional Effectiveness

 I-A: Mission
 Terra Morris  & Karl Ewald
 I-B: Assuring Academic Quality & Institutional Effectiveness
 Terrence Willett & Tera Martin
 I-C: Institutional Integrity
 Rachel Mayo & Aleah Kropholler
 Standard II: Student Learning 
 Programs & Support Services

 II-A: Instructional Programs
 Robin McFarland, Jim Weckler, & Virginia Rossi
 II-B: Library & Learning Support Services
 Michelle Morton & Lori Chavez
 II-C: Student Support Services
 Michelle Donohue & Anna Zagorska
 Standard III: Resources
 III-A: Human Resources
 Kristin Fabos & Diane Goody
 III-B: Physical Resources
 Jon Salisbury & Alta Northcutt
 III-C: Technology Resources
 Hart Hancock & Steve Hodges
 III-D: Financial Resources
 Graciano Mendoza & Megan Caspers
 Standard IV: Leadership & Governance
 IV-A: Decision-Making Roles & Processes
 Sarah Doub, Jason Camara, & Jamie Alonzo
 IV-B:  Chief Executive Officer
 Sarah Doub, Jason Camara, & Jamie Alonzo
 IV-C: Governing Board
 Sarah Doub, Jason Camara, & Jamie Alonzo
 Quality Focus Essay
 Isabel O'Connor, Marcy Alancraig, Lauren Osmer and Marcie Wald