Cutlist Plus Integration


CabinetSense creates a file designed specifically for Cutlist Plus and uses a .csclp file extension.  This file can be opened directly from within Cutlist Plus instead of using the File>Import option.

: You will need version 12.5.1 (or later) of Cutlist Plus.

CNC Integration 

note: requires the CNC version of CabinetSense and the Platinum Edition of Cutlist Plus

Cutlist Plus can utilize the DXF created by CabinetSense to generate sheet optimized DXF complete with all of your machining information and layers.

This allows you use Cutlist Plus to handle your optimization, inventory control, label creation and job costing.  (Job costing information is limited to material only at this time, but future versions of CabinetSense will pass hardware and estimating data as well). 

CNC Example:

  1. Export your CabinetSense model 

    You must select both the Cutlist and CNC Machining export options in order to pass all of the necessary information to Cutlist Plus.

  2. Open the cutlist file.

    Navigate to where you exported your CabinetSense model and select the .csclp file

  3. Optimize the parts

  4. Export the DXF Data

  5. You can change your export settings by clicking on the Change Export Settings button

  6. After the export has completed, open the sheet optimized DXF into your CAM Software

    All of the machining, part shaping, and layer information has been flowed through from the original CabinetSense Files.