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Judson Welcomes New Director of Curriculum Services

By Dr. Thomas Berliner, Judson University’s Dean of the School of Leadership and Business

Infrequently, there is a perfect match between peg and slot. For Judson University, that match involved Dr. Michelle Kilbourne. Having long been associated with Judson as a lead adjunct instructor and integral member of the Leadership Development Group, a corporate training and development arm of the School of Leadership and Business, Dr. Kilbourne recently agreed to come on board as the Director of Curriculum Services, an essential piece in the success of the Judson’s budding partnership with IPD.

Two things are evident when Judson looks at any new function to be filled. First, how essential is the function to the immediate success of the project? Second, is there someone who can effectively fill that position? Concerning the former, the Director of Curriculum Services position is critical to attaining very aggressive goals. As for the latter, finding someone appropriate and available,

Pictured: Dr. Michelle Kilbourne
it was nearly a miracle to find someone in our own backyard who is not only ideal for the position, but also interested and available. Talk about being at the right place at the right time...

Dr. Kilbourne is an experienced business consultant and coach as well as a gifted curriculum developer and educator in both face-to-face and online environments. She has held executive-level positions in both corporate and not-for-profit organizations, and has extensive consulting experience with a wide variety of organizations.

As to why Dr. Kilbourne chose Judson: “I consciously decide where to expend my professional and personal resources so that the alignment between the individual and organization can be achieved for others as well as for myself. I chose Judson University because there is a fit between who I am as a person, the role the University needed me to fill, and the worldview upon which our perspectives are based.”

We are tremendously proud to introduce you to Dr. Michelle Kilbourne, Judson’s new Director of Curriculum Services.

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