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Investment Bank Mergers


This spreadsheet contains the details of major investment bank mergers between 1980-2007. Alex Edmans and I compiled the list using Securities Data Corporation, Company Histories (from company websites) and other public sources for our paper on M&A advisory. It includes mergers of all major M&A advisors, but does not include commercial banks or investment banks that are inactive in M&A; similarly, some mergers in the list may be acquisitions of only the M&A banking business rather than the entire bank. Even though all of this can be amassed from public sources, since the dataset took non-trivial time to compile and involved extensive cross-checking across sources, we thought it may be of help to other researchers. If you use this spreadsheet, please reference:

Bao, Jack and Alex Edmans (2011): Do Investment Banks Matter For M&A Returns? (Review of Financial Studies 24, 2286-2315.)

We regret that we do not have capacity to answer questions on individual mergers in the list. However, if there is a merger of a major M&A advisor that you believe is missing, please contact me.