Welcome to 4th grade!

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

Welcome back from Fall Break! I hope everyone had a chance to rest and relax before we start our 2nd quarter. I was able to have the opportunity to work with Ms. O, right before the break. She is an amazing teacher and I learned a lot from her. It will be tough to fill her shoes and I understand why the students may be feeling a little sad. It is ok. I, completely, understand, however she assured us that she would keep in touch with us through the school year.

Ms. O. left us in a good place, this last quarter and we will try to keep things running as smoothly as possible. It will be an adjustment for us all, but as I have spent time with the class, I know that they shall rally and we all will become fast friends. (Ms. O taught me how to use the banana phone, so at least, we still have that.) We will be using most of the same information on this site that Ms. O. has provided for us for this school year.

I am eager to meet you all and look forward to keeping your student on the path that Ms. O. started.

Thank you,

Mrs. Forrest


Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

Welcome to 4th grade at Challenge to Excellence Charter School! I am so happy to begin the 2018-2019 school year with you and your family! This year will be an exciting adventure for us all as we navigate interesting new concepts, read more complex texts, formulate our own opinions and ideas, meet different friends and take on more responsibilities. Along the way, we'll have many awesome and fun educational experiences! Though, like many adventures, we may face a few obstacles. Whatever 4th grade throws at us, if we work as a team, think as a community and support each other like family, this will be an amazing year of learning, growing and fun!

Use this website to help you be successful on our journey! Please check this site frequently to stay informed about events, assignments and tests! For more specific assignment details, and day-to-day updates please review our Google Classroom and Subject Calendars with your student regularly. To check grades and missing assignments please use Parent Portal. Please pay careful attention to 4th grade's behavior, homework & class policies, as things are much different from last year. There are also many helpful links under "Student Resources," to assist practice at home.

I look forward to getting to know each of you, and seeing all that our 4th graders accomplish this year!

Thank you,

Ms. Opirhory