Welcome to Kindergarten at C2E! Mrs. Walkup's Class

Kindergarten Newsletter

December  2018


Saxon Phonics:We will be continuing with letters Ff, Rr, Kk, Bb, and Uu.

Literacy:  Please partner read with your child each and every night, for example, the parent reads one page then the student reads the next page.  Please encourage your child to sound out unfamiliar words.

Saxon Math: We are learning odd and even numbers, counting dimes and pennies, exploring shape and number patterns,0 facts, subtracting 1 facts, subtracting 0 facts, and subtracting a number from itself facts.  We’ll also learn to count by 10’s, and 2’s. We are also learning to tell time to the hour.

i-Ready: Please have your child practice i-Ready alternating math and reading.

Character Trait for December: Respect  - Be Safe and Kind

Looks like -  Respecting others - Raise your hand to speak and leave your seat. Respecting property - Taking care of school tools. Using kind words and including others.

Winter Break: Friday December 21, 2018 through January 4, 2018

Cheryl Walkup

Kindergarten teacher


Ellen Bush

Kindergarten Educational Assistant