Welcome to Kindergarten at C2E! Mrs. Walkup's Class


Hello and Welcome to Kindergarten at C2E, 

My name is Mrs. Walkup and I’m so excited to be your child’s Kindergarten teacher. This will be my 7th year of teaching at C2E !

Here is a checklist to make sure the first few days, as well as the rest of the year, run smoothly for all of us: 

  • Please keep a spare set of clothes in your child’s backpack at all times. (Accidents/Messes can happen)

  • Please send your child’s snacks in their lunch box. This makes it easy for students to find their Snack quickly. Healthy snacks please!  Please no nuts or nut products. This is a nut controlled classroom.

  • Water bottles are welcome and will be kept in the classroom while students are at school. Water only please! 

  • Please label everything personal with your child’s name, especially lunch boxes, snacks, and water bottles. 

  • We use white boards and Expo markers  in class. Marker can end up on clothes and it doesn’t come out easily, so feel free to send in a large shirt (maybe Dad’s old shirt) they can wear over their clothes. I can store these in the classroom, just please label them with your child’s name as well. 

  • Please make sure you read over the student handbook, especially the dress code. 

I will have additional information about my classroom on my website: 

Thank you, 

Cheryl Walkup

Kindergarten Teacher