• Car Rally: 2:30-5:00 p.m.
  • After Party Celebration: 5:00-8:00 p.m.

Our Spring Fundraiser this year is a fun, family‑friendly event that can’t be missed! Join us on Saturday, April 7th, for C2E’s Excellent Adventure – a Car Rally Scavenger Hunt! Teams will enjoy an entertaining afternoon solving clues, completing tasks, hunting for objects, and rallying around and learning about our wonderful town of Parker, with a Celebration Party afterwards.

If you’ve never participated in a Car Rally before, you’re in for a treat! Each team solves clues to determine destinations and along the way, completes tasks and collects items. Teams accumulate points for solved clues and completed tasks. The team that accumulates the most points in the allotted time wins! Cash prizes awarded to the top three teams!

Team check-in and packet pick up will be at 2:30 p.m. The Car Rally Scavenger Hunt begins at 3:00 p.m. A ten-minute head start will be given to those families that have purchased the VIP Platinum PLUS Family Package. More time means a better chance of winning!

Our Car Rally Scavenger Hunt is NOT a race, and participants are still subject to local speed limits and traffic laws. The hunt is not so complicated that everyone, win or lose, cannot fail to have a great day!

Our goal for this event is to raise $15,000. C2E is committed to investing in resources that cater to today’s learners and the money raised from this event will support our need for new and updated technology. We rely on your support to provide the best for our students and this is one of the two major fundraisers for the year. It promises to be an amazing, memorable event! Everyone is welcome.

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There are THREE opportunities to win BIG at this Spring Fundraising event:

n  ««« $1000 GRAND PRIZE in our Lucky Balloons Game of Chance!!! «««

n  «« Cash Prizes for Top Three Winners of Car Rally Scavenger Hunt! ««

n  « TWO Ways to Win C2E VIP Carpool & VIP Reserved Parking Space! «

The $1000 Grand Prize winner will be determined by our Lucky Balloons Game of Chance, which will be played during our After Party Celebration. The drawing for our VIP Carpool & VIP Reserved Parking Space will also take place during the After Party Celebration. You do not need to be present to win.

You can win the $1000 Grand Prize and VIP Carpool/Reserved Parking Space by purchasing one of our Family Rally Packages. See below for more information. return to top


You can win these great prizes by purchasing a Family Rally Package, which also gives you entry into the Car Rally Scavenger Hunt and After Party Celebration. Packages have been created at all price points and are on sale NOW! Check out details about what they include and purchase using the links below.

PLEASE NOTE: Packages must be purchased by Saturday, March 31st. No entries will be accepted for the Excellent Adventure Car Rally Scavenger Hunt on the day of the event.

n Purchase Family Rally Packages Here:


For $40 you can sponsor a C2E staff member team (up to 4 teachers/staff members in one vehicle) so that they may attend the event for free. Tickets can be purchased here:

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VIP Carpool is coming to C2E! No more waiting in long lines! Two VIP Carpool passes will be up for grabs and these will allow you front of the line access for both drive-up and walk-up carpool. VIP Carpool winners will also have access to the VIP Reserved Parking spots. This prestigious prize can be won by purchasing Lucky Balloons as part of our Family Rally Packages. There are two ways to win:

1. The family that purchases the most Lucky Balloons will be awarded the first VIP Carpool Pass (a coin toss will determine the winner if there is a tie).

2. Your name will be put in a drawing for every Lucky Balloon purchased. The more balloons you purchase, the greater the chance of being drawn the winner of the second VIP Pass! return to top


This is a great opportunity to get family working together as a team. Each car must consist of, at minimum, one driver and one navigator. Please give your team a cool name. This is way more fun than calling teams #1, #2, etc. Funny team names (family-friendly please!) and dress-up themes are highly encouraged! Extra points will be awarded for best team name/theme!

A completed registration form and signed waiver is required to participate in this activity. Click here for the Registration Form/Waiver. Please complete and turn in to the Front Desk at Challenge to Excellence.


The final destination of the Car Rally Scavenger Hunt will be a party at C2E! Following the Car Rally Scavenger Hunt, stay and enjoy our After Party Celebration! You’ll have lots of fun sharing your pictures and stories from the day, socializing with friends, and enjoying food and entertainment, including live music by one of our sponsors, AXL's 5, a great Denver Rock and Roll Cover Band. Dinner food items and Dessert Sale items will be available for purchase at the event. Credit cards and cash accepted.

Prize winners will be announced during the Celebration Party. The event will end around 8:00 p.m. return to top


Please help make this a successful event for our school. We need donation items, delicious desserts for our ‘Sweet Street’ Dessert Sale, and volunteers for the actual event.

n  Click here to donate items and desserts:


Our generous sponsors are all local businesses supporting C2E -- please support our sponsors! A big 'Thank You' to our sponsors that have jumped on board already:

Chuck Nicholson
(303) 514-1587


Allen Lundberg 720.203.9871
Ray Deichsel 303.903.9689





 (303) 835-9330 / (303) 242-8810

(303) 975-6746 

If you have a local business and would like to partner with us as a sponsor, contact Karen DiPietro, event co-chair at for more information.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact: Karen DiPietro ( or Cathy Mezo ( It promises to be a fun‑filled afternoon and evening for all! 

Your event co-chairs,
Karen DiPietro, Cathy Mezo, and Lourdes Santiago

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