Looked like everybody had a great time. Thank you to the volunteers who came and made the event another memorable one! You are the best.

Here are the winners of the raffles happening that night:
  • Grooming kit donated by Murdoch: Silas Sallaberry
  • Inflatable horses from the cow sorting game: Cadell Alberter, Ryan Kearns, Cody Knox, Lucas Pletscher
  • Horses from the Save the Cow game: Josh Dryden, Louie Le, Vray Patel, Tyler Goulet, Shane Hanson, Adele McKinnis, August Sala, Griffin Coon, Jenny Fuentes, Atharva Singh, Aaron Mendez, Mattais Rieger
See you next year! 

Robi Calderaro, Chair - Mother and Son event

= Heart Raiser, an event that brings our mammoth community together.

page updated 9/26/18