Çağlar Deniz Ata

My professional experience has provided a strong foundation in quantitate analysis while also allowing me to understand the qualitative aspects of how public and private sectors interact with one another. At the TCA, my responsibilities included analysing the historical performance of markets, identifying nascent economic trends, evaluating individual firm behaviour, and testing the competitiveness of specific industries with respect to antitrust law. It is through this multifaceted work experience that I sharpened my analytical skills while gaining important insight into the variables that affect specific businesses and the economy as a whole. I also have a robust knowledge on regulation theory and practice. Recently I acquired Certificate of Compliance Manager from İstanbul Technical University and successfully bettered my insight not only on regulation landscape but also horizon.

My regular contact with top corporate executives offered a window into the operations of globally important firms and allowed me to observe how companies react to both micro and macroeconomic pressures. Specifically, my prior roles allowed me to witness the sort of conflicts and tensions that arise not only in the internal structure of organizations, but also in their relations with other public agencies, the judiciary, and the political sphere.

Last but not the least; I have developed my hard and soft business skills further while earning an MBA at UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School. Having combined more than fifteen years of hands-on experience with rigorous academic training at one of North America’s elite business schools, I am both mindful of global business challenges and equipped to play a role in their solution.