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    Interactive Displays

    The 30+ clubs from all departments in the college of engineering and technology will have fun, interactive displays that appeal to students of all ages.

    Examples of things on display at the EngTech Expo in past years include:
    • Cornstarch Pool
    • Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
    • Biomedical Devices
    • Industrial Design Furniture Display
    • Lego Mindstorms

    This year we will have exciting displays such as:
    1. Biomedical club: Biomechanics Showcase that includes testing reaction time; Demonstrating the center of gravity, axis of rotation, and muscle stimulation (the muscle stimulation includes light shocking of volunteering students to see the effect)
    2. SWE: Showcase homemade lava lamp and instructions to make your own
    3. Dr. Bangerter: Laser truck rally and hamster brain wave demo (control cars with your mind)
    4. Dr. Bundy :Heat and mass transfer demos
    5. SAMPE :Model rocket
    6. Physics Department : Demos to prove some physics laws