H. Moneyballer

Driving question
      How can we find value where nobody else can see it?

      Learning objectives, requirement tasks, and mastery assessments
        • Use linear regression to describe patterns linking two quantitative variables.
          • Mastery quiz: 
            • Identify association and correlation in a scatterplot.
            • Use StatKey to calculate the line of best fit and correlation
            • Explain the slope and y-intercept of a line with proper units
            • Find and explain r2
            • Understand the effect of outliers and influential points on the regression line
            • Predict new values using interpolation and extrapolation with the regression line.  Understand each of their limitations.
          • Mastery free-response questions:
            • The purpose of intercepts in regression
            • Multiple regression
            • Non-linear transformations

        • Use inference with a best-fit line to quantify confidence.
          • Mastery quiz: 
            • Find a confidence interval of the slope
            • Describe in a sentence
            • Find the p-value for a test that the slope in not zero
        • In a team, use multiple regression and spreadsheets to estimate Ultimate Frisbee player value and draft a winning team.
          • Task:
            • Watch the movie Moneyball
            • Learn the game Ultimate Frisbee by playing and observing
            • Gain insight into player valuation from playing
            • Run multiple regression on multiple statistics, and create your own stats
            • Rank players 
          • Mastery reflection questions:
            • Discuss how you used your intuition and understanding of the game and how you also used pure statistical analysis to best identify talent.
            • Talk about how you approached spreadsheets with over 50,000 cells in a way that left you informed for the draft.  You can draw on the days we played Ultimate, watched Moneyball, and worked as teams on the formula/graphs.
            • Reference the article discussion (Billion Dollar Beane) to explain why this process is so incredibly valuable in any industry where you are searching for talent.