C. Quantitative Carnival

Driving question
      How do the principles of summarizing data and using inference apply to numerical data?

      Learning objectives, requirement tasks, and mastery assessments
        • Summarize a list of numbers, accounting for the center, spread, and context of the distribution both graphically and numerically.
          • Task:
            • Play a variety of games and analyze the results.  We will compare different-shaped distributions for different games and summarize results using measures of center and spread.  We will use confidence intervals of the mean to combine center, spread, and sample size into a meaningful estimate.  We will use hypothesis tests to decide if the class results are sufficiently different from a null prediction.  From a very simple activity we will look at how quantitative distributions are made and analyzed as a kickoff to the unit.
          • Mastery quiz:
            • Recognize a quantitative distribution from other types of distributions
            • Describe the center of a quantitative distribution with the mean and median (and know which measure is resistant to outliers)
            • Describe the spread of a quantitative distribution with the standard deviation, IQR, and range (and know which measure is resistant to outliers)
          • Mastery free-response questions:
            • Purpose of center
            • Mean vs. median
            • Purpose of spread

        • Describe a distribution of numbers based on its shape.
          • Mastery quiz:
            • Create a box plot from a quantitative distribution to visualize center and spread using the five number summary
            • Create a stem plot by hand as a quick check of shape of a distribution
            • Read and interpret a histogram
            • Describe the shape of a quantitative distribution with peaks (unimodal, etc) and skew (left/right or symmetrical)
          • Mastery free-response questions:
            • Edge effects on distribution shape
            • Ideal graph type
            • Goal of histogram