BHS Statistics 

Please take both surveys below:

 A few things to note:
  • You are allowed to take an online day if the given day is marked "hybrid" on the course calendar and your overall POSTED grade is 80% or higher.  Otherwise, not attending will result in a "skip".
  • This course is centered around large project investigations.  It is okay to feel lost as we jump into a new challenge, but if the feeling persists, please ask us and your peers for help.
  • You have the option to take "AP Statistics" for credit on your transcript during the second half of the course.  Taking this for AP credit involves taking some tests with limited resources and working on AP practice problems as additional homework.  College credit is only awarded based on your specific college and your score on the AP exam in May.
  • You have the option to pursue honors credit for graduation.  Talk to Mr. Pethan about AP honors or project-based honors.