Welcome to the BHS Math Innovation Site. 

 We have compiled a lot of our introductory information here for you to review at your leisure.  Please take a look around if you are interested or have questions about the things we are doing.  We'd love to entertain your questions or visits after you have visited our site.

Innovative Things the Math Department at BHS is doing.
Since we are always looking to change and improve, we are doing several innovative things within our department (see side bar).    As a result of our work, we were awarded the National Blue Ribbon Award from the US Department of Education in 2010, the Intel School of Distinction Award for high school mathematics in the Fall of 2011 and the Star of Innovation Award from the Minnesota Association of Secondary School Principals in 2011.  We have presented at numerous state, national, and international conferences, plus we have been published in state, national, and international journals.

Here is a video giving a nice overview of what the Byron High School Mathematics Department has been up to from 2010 to 2013.


The Crew:  
Troy Faulkner-Department Head  
Rob Warneke-Math Teacher  
Jen Green-Math and English Teacher  
Andy Pethan-Math Teacher
Darren Nelson-Math Teacher

Steve Willman-HS Principal