Spanish class: senora Hernandez      Bienvenidos! 2017- 18.                                                                                                       
News, español class. señora Hernandez.

For all my students,the last day of the Marking Period 3 will be April 20. If you are missing any assignment ,quiz,Test or Project the last day that you can hand in will be April 13,2018.
5th Grade: News
Working on: Chapter 1B. y tu,Como eres?The students are learning listen to and read descriptions of others. Talk and write about personality traits and describe your personality to others. Also,the students are learning the verb to be/ser. . 

6th  News
Working on : Chapter 4A. Adonde vas?The students are learning to read,listen and undersatant information about,places to go when they are not in school and the verb,to go/ir.

7th Grade News
The students are working on Chapter 6A: En mi dormitorio.They are learning to listen and read descriptions of the dedrooms and colors. Talk and write about their room. Also, they are goint to work in the Grammar section on stem-shanging -verbs,Dormir(to sleep,poder ,to be able to do something)

8th Grdes: News
Working on: Chapter 7A. Cuanto cuesta? Listen to conversation and read about clothes and shopping. Talk and write about shopping plans and gifts. Exchange information while purchasing an item of clothing. Also they are working on Prices and number. Grammar: Stem changing verbs: Pensar,querer and preferir. Demonstrative adjectives.They also are working on a, Una invitacion(a invitation card) Project.

All the students need for Spanish class a folder,pencil and paper or a notebook.

5th Grade
P:9 A day
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P:9 B day
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6th Grade
P:3 A day
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P:3 B day
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P:8 A day
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P: 8 B day
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7th Grade
P:4 A day
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P:4 B day
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8th Grade
P:7 A day
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P: B day
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My name is Wanda Hernandez and I'm from Puerto Rico. I taught Drama and Dance class in public school in Puerto Rico. Here in New Jersey, I taught Spanish for 10 yers in Catholic schools.  This is my third year in Byram Intermediate School teaching Spanish and it was a great experience .

 My goal for the Spanish program is to help students develop an age appropriate understanding of the Spanish language, to familiarize students with the history and culture of the Spanish-speaking world, and to create awareness and appreciation of the culture and linguistic diversity. We will be working hard, having fun, lots of fun, and learnig lots of Spanish. I would like all the Spanish students to have the following items: a folder to keep all their papers, pencils and a notebook or a binder.The assigemnts will post on GOOGLE classroom,SCHOOL WAY( Myway code is so9ffj) AND THE BOARD IN THE CLASSROOM.Go here for to information about Spanish Standars in New Jersy, .

The best way to reach me would be prior to school in the morning or at the end of the day or by email: or by telephone # extension 1623. I look forward to seeing you. Adios! 
                                                        Sincerely: señora Hernandez.