Speech Research

Use these online research sources to locate information on a topic that would make a great speech. 

World News Digest - excellent source to locate important news of the day from all over the world. 

Points of View Ref Center - facts, opinions, data and more on almost any topic. 

Opposing Viewpoints - topic overviews with opinions on both sides of the issue. 

CQ Researcher - this source will help you locate a topic and give you plenty of information to create a great speech

NY Times - The New York Times is the premier newspaper for issues regarding our country, New York and the world

Academic One File - Use this source to locate articles from magazines and newspapers; academic journals and books; images and videos. 

Encyclopedia of Environmental Issues  - ebook only accessible from school

TED  - Use this source to watch powerful speeches on thousands of topics

Frontline - PBS investigative reports, view full episodes online. 

Citing Speech Sources

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