Junior Research Paper - Shapers of the World

Britannica Biographies
factual and concise information on thousands of people

in depth look at people who have made important contributions to society

offers portraits of more than 19,000 men & women — from all eras and walks of life — whose lives have shaped the nation.
Detailed and highly informative essays written at the college level

watch documentary style videos on famous Americans who have contributed to American society

essays on people who have had a significant influence on the development of computer technology.

individuals' historical significance through development of scientific theory or application of knowledge.

interviews with actors, musicians, entertainers, politicians and noteworthy people; WNYC podcast with Alec Baldwin. 

A podcast from Washington Post exploring the character and legacy of each American President. 

school access only; essays on most innovative human rights leaders from around the world. 

Profiles of over 100 people that have shaped the world we live

ebook, access from school only; bio most innovative political leaders from around the world

ebook, access from school only; biographies of athletes from around the world

ebook, access from school only; bio influential American Women.

Great Lives from History: the Ancient World
ebook, access from school only; bio famous persons from the ancient world. 

Great Lives from History: The Twentieth Century
ebook, access from school only; bio famous persons from the twentieth century. 

biographical and critical essays on men and women who made an enduring impact on music from 1901 to 2000.

essays describing personal and political events for each president.

Academic One File
Essays and articles from thousands of sources like magazines, journals, academic and trade journals, newspapers. 

Free source to watch videos on all kinds of famous people including actors and musicians.

Westchester Public Library System - use this online source to search for books in any library in Westchester County. 

TIME Magazine FIRST - Women who are changing the world

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