I-Search 10th Grade

These are library sources you should use for research. In these sources you will find magazine and journal articles, newspaper reports, critical essays. Be sure to include books in your research. Books can enrich your understanding of the subject. The library has books you can borrow and e-books you can read on your device. 

Excellent site for millions of articles alerting you to the news of the day from all over the world. 

Use this link to locate news stories from newspapers like The New York Times and all across the state. 

Need to know about your subject easily? Reach for this encyclopedia. Short articles and easy to understand. 

Want to know more about conditions that affect teens? Search here for the best answers and videos targeted straight to teens. 

Millions of articles in PDF and HTML covering pretty much every subject you can think of. 

Books are good! We've got books on practically every subject. Type in keyword and see what happens. To read e-books you will need to access www.gofollett.com. Select Byram Hills High School. Use your network username and password to access the ebook. If you have a problem, see the librarian. 

Are you concerned with our environment, the planet, the climate? Explore here to discover what you need to know. 

What is like to live in another country? This source tells it like it is. To the point, just the facts. 

What are the customs, the food, the traditions of any religion? What do they believe? Find the answers here. 

One resource to discover biographies, mythology, American history, science, countries and cultures. 

Brainstorming: The Basics

Research Questions Worth Answering

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