Chromebook Policy

The library has 10 Chromebooks. These Chromebooks (units) will be for student use by while in the library. They can be loaned to students but they cannot leave without permission. Students will use the units when they need to research online, to create documents on Google Drive, to read books from Destiny while online. Units will not be used for game playing. Microsoft applications like WORD or EXCEL or PHOTOSHOP are not accessible on these units.

The units will be stored in the library workroom. The closet will be configured as storage and for charging. Only library staff can open the closet to loan units to students. Students are not allowed in the library staff workroom.

Loans periods are limited to one period. Each unit will be barcoded and entered into Destiny. The unit has to be checked out to the student. Students must return unit to library staff at the end of the period. Library staff will know at all times the number of units in use. Library staff will ensure the safe return by the end of the period.