Faculty and Staff

Core Faculty and Staff:

Geri Lynn Peak            Co-Founder, Vision Team, Administrative Head.  Social Sciences, Sciences, Math, Craft Arts Courses and Community Engagement Experiences
Hannah Gilson             Core Faculty. Art, Physical Education, Theater, Independent Study
King James Frazier      Vision Team, Mindfulness and Well-being Practices    
Malene Kai Bell            Co-Founder, Vision Team, Mindfulness and Well-being Practices
Troy Steele                   Core Faculty. English Language Arts, Humanities, Film, Math Coaching, Foreign Language Coaching, Independent Study
Jadzia Floyd                 Administrative Assistant, Co-Founder, Youth Board Core Team

Occasional Faculty:

Cindy Geary                     Photography
David Fakunle                  Russian, Storytelling, African Drumming
Kenneth Morrison            Creative Writing
Lauren O'Brien                Claywork, Fashion, Sciences
Michael Scott                   Race and Health Equity
Ras Tre Subira                Capoeira Angola
Terrell Williams                Organizing

All core faculty have a minimum of a Bachelor's degree.  
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