Viking Middle School SOAR Steps

Step 1

  • Staff member gives warning and states the expectation to student

Step 2

  • Staff member re-teaches behavior/model expectation for the student

Step 3 - MINOR

  • Incident becomes a Documented Minor

  • Staff member turns in form to the office

  • If form is not brought back/filled out sufficiently, student will need to fill it out during lunch detention

Step 4 - MAJOR

  • Incident becomes a Documented Major

  • Staff member fills out Step 4 - MAJOR - Referral Form including as much detail as possible  

  • Student serves a Detention, In School Suspension, or Out of School Suspension

    • Staff/student/principal conversation to determine consequence if unclear

  • Staff member contacts parent if consequence results in detention - please include as much detail as possible for the parent, especially if using e-mail as your method of contact

  • Detention will be served the same day or the next day depending on time of incident (two options: lunch detention or after-school detention)

    • Lunch detentions communicated to Mr. Benoy

    • After-school detentions communicated, coordinated, and supervised by staff member

  • If consequence results in ISS/OSS, principal contacts parent and schedules

  • Student will fill out Step 4 - MAJOR - SOAR Behavior Detention/ISS/OSS Reflection Form during the detention, ISS, or OSS.

* 3 Minors will remove a student from the next SOAR Celebration
* 1 Major will remove a student from the next SOAR Celebration