BWS MD Science Safety Contract

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Please read carefully and understand the following:
1. Listen to your teacher and follow directions or else you are likely to go up in flames.
2. Plan ahead with your partner during experiments. Know what you will be doing next.
3. Turn on the gas valves only when you are instructed to do so.
4. Heat only specified equipment or materials.  
5. Never leave a burner unattended.
6. Keep long hair tied back while working with a flame or chemicals.
7. Wear safety goggles when your teacher says so, when heating anything, using chemicals or generating a gas.
8. Never taste anything in the lab unless instructed to do so.
9. To smell a substance always waft your hand over the opening and sniff cautiously.
10. Do not eat or drink anything in the classroom.
11.  Report any and all accidents and broken equipment to your teacher immediately.
12.  Shoes should be closed toed in order to protect all your little toesies.
13.  Do not wear loose/hanging clothing. They could catch on fire.
14.  Do not run, throw things or yell in the laboratory.
15.  No shenanigans in the laboratory. Look up the word "shenanigan" in the dictionary.
Wash your hands before or immediately after you leave the laboratory, before you eat anything.

The best accident is the one that is prevented.
The entire list above could be summed up in one sentence:

I, __________________________________________, agree to:
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(a) follow the teacher's instructions,
(b) protect my eyes, face, hands and body during laboratory,
(c) conduct myself in a responsible manner at all times in the laboratory, and
(d) abide by all of the safety regulations specified above.

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Bob Kahn,
Aug 29, 2011, 2:49 PM