Course Expectations

"The 'Prize' is the pleasure of finding things out."
- Richard Feynman, Nobel Laureate in Physics
I. A word about Mistakes-
All Homo sapiens make mistakes.
I am a Homo sapien.
I will make mistakes.

Mistakes are EXPECTED and are considered OPPORTUNITIES.

II. General Classroom Rules

        A. Cooperate with your teacher and classmates.
        B. Respect the rights and property of others. 
        C. Carry out your student responsibilities.

III. Students Responsibilities. You are expected to:

        A. ...ask questions/help when you are unsure of a concept.
        B. ...uphold the Brentwood School Honor Code.     
        C. responsible for your own behavior.  
        D. ...come to class on time and prepared.
        E. ...bring to class EVERYDAY:
                1. Textbook, Introductory Physical Science
                2. Lab notebook
                3. Assignment Book
                4. Pencil box/pouch: ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils, lead, a ruler and calculator.
        F. ...complete your own work and on time.    
        G. ..make up missed work due to absence ASAP upon your return.
IV. Course Policies

        A. Getting Help
                1. It is best to get questions answered as soon as possible.      
                2. Best times: Contact Time; appointments at lunch, before or after school or class.
                3. Best places: room 204 or faculty offices.
                  4. I am very friendly, especially if you bring me homemade oatmeal raisin cookies
                     that you have baked YOURSELF! Go for it!  

         B. Homework
                1. Complete your own homework when it is assigned.    
                2. Respond to every question even if you are unsure. Do not leave questions blank.
                3. Prufreed your werk out loud too your after you it.  
                4. Homework will be checked daily for effort.    
                5. Daily homework will be scored on a 1-3 point scale and will sometimes have to be
                     completed outside of class before entering.   
                6. Consistent incomplete homework will result in study hall after school.   

         C. Experiments and Laboratory Activities
                1. Safety procedures should be followed at all times.
                2. Disruptive and dangerous laboratory behavior will be dealt with seriously. 
                3. Most activities will be completed in groups of two or three students

        D. Tardies
                    If the number of tardies is excessive, a reflection form and/or EMD will be the result.

        E. Miscellaneous (but not necessarily less important)
1. Food is not permitted in class. You may drink water.
                    Right before your very pleading, "I can't believe he is going to do that," eyes,     
                    food/sugary beverages will be confiscated for the remainder of the day. If unclaimed by then,
                    they will be thrown out or dumped down the sink.
I am programmed to react this way.
                    There is nothing I can do about it.

                2. Absolutely, positively, indubitably, undoubtedly and redundantly without a doubt, NO GUM!    
                3. Cell phones, Ipods etc. are NOT to be used unless granted permission.

V. Student Expectations of  Mr. Kahn: I will
        A. attempt to entertain you as much as possible but do not make any promises.
        B. respect all students equally.
        C. be thoroughly prepared and organized.
        D. maintain a safe laboratory and classroom learning environment.
        E. grade fairly and equitably for all students.
        F.  be more consistently better dressed than you

I have read and understand the expectations of this course and I agree to ask questions about what I do not understand.

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