Final Exam

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The Algebra 3 final exam is comprehensive. Students who wish to earn an A or B should begin preparing now. A review is posted under Notes & Docs -> Final Exam. A solution key is provided in the same location. 

The senior exam is 48 minutes and will be administered during class beginning on Friday, May 12. The underclassmen exam is two hours and will be administered beginning Friday, May 19. See the school website for details.

Exams will not be rescheduled unless permission is obtained from the Main Office. See a principal or secretary for information and forms.

Students may bring in two sheets of paper (US letter size or smaller) with hand-written notes on the front and back. Photo-copied or printed notes are not permitted. Notes may include formulas, examples, explanations, steps, motivational slogans, awesome math jokes, or anything else that you may find helpful during the exam. These sheets will be collected along with the exam and may be retrieved after the beginning of the 2017-18 school year.

Unit 8 Test Retake

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A retake of the Unit 8 Test is available to all students. In order to do the retake, students must sign and return the Retake Contract to their teacher no later than April 10. The contract must also be signed by a parent or guardian.

See your teacher for more details.

Unit 8 begins on Monday (27 February)

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Unit 8 covers percentages, exponential functions, and logarithms. The format is somewhat different from previous units:
  • Most homework assignments involve watching videos and completing guided notes. This does not mean that your teacher will not be teaching you. You will be expected to cover only the basics of each day's topics on your own. We will have a discussion in class every day during which your teacher will go over the concepts, answer questions, and provide further instruction and examples for students who need it. For some of the more complex topics, your teacher will provide all instruction in class.
  • The majority of time in class will be spent practicing skills and exploring concepts. This will allow you to practice in an environment where you can discuss and get help from your teacher or peers. It will provide a lot more flexibility for your teacher to work with you one-on-one or in small groups.
  • You have the flexibility to work ahead. All students are expected to keep up with the concepts as they are introduced by completing the assigned work and seeking help in class when needed. However, students who master the concepts are free to move on to the next topic. This can free up later class time for project work.
  • There is a big project. You will be expected to complete the Personal Finance Project. You will explore financial issues that you will face in the near future and do research in order to make predictions about your income and various expenses, including housing, transportation, student loans, groceries, and entertainment. You will utilize many of the concepts discussed in this unit to make calculations about things like take-home pay and monthly loan payments. Full information can be found in the Unit 8 folder or by clicking here. When you are ready to start the project, you will need to register for the 2016-17 Algebra 3 Google Classroom by going to and adding the course with code: 42y3vg8

Rational Functions Test Retake

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A retake of the Rational Functions Test administered on February 9 will be offered. Details can be found in the retake contract, which must be signed by a parent or guardian and submitted to the teacher by February 24. You can find the contract in the Notes & Docs: UNIT 6 folder, or by clicking here.

Unit 5 Grades

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If you are seeing a low grade in your Algebra 3 class, it is likely due to the Skills Quizzes.


The Skill Quizzes in Unit 5 cover topics that are review from Algebra 2. The expectation in Algebra 3 is that students not only know how to do these problems, but can do them with 100% accuracy.

Skill quizzes are pass/fail. In order to pass each quiz, students must complete two problems perfectly, with no mistakes. Students are provided with four opportunities to take each quiz during class, and six additional opportunities before and after school.


Students have been provided practice sets and practice quizzes for all types of problems with solutions included. I have made it clear that the expectation is that students practice with a focus on accuracy. This means meticulously checking the provided solution to every practice problem immediately upon completion, finding errors, and correcting them. The goal of the homework assignment is not simply completion, but to learn where students are prone to make mistakes and develop individual strategies for avoiding those mistakes in the future.


There will be an optional Skills Test given on Friday, January 27. This will consist of seven problems (one for each skill quiz) that must be completed in one period. It will be graded for partial credit, meaning that a student who shows knowledge of a problem process but makes a mistake will earn half credit for that problem. Students who take the Skills Test can choose between two options: 1) the grade replaces all of the quiz grades for the unit or 2) the grade is recorded in addition to the quiz grades.


All students will take a Concept Test at the end of the unit that integrates the unit skills as well as the important mathematical concepts that we discuss throughout the unit. The Concept Test will be graded for partial credit, and retakes will not be offered.

The PolyProject is worth 30 points (over 25% of the unit grade). Students have an opportunity to check their work with the teacher as they progress through the project. Students who take advantage of this and complete the project in a timely manner usually get perfect scores on the project.

No extra credit is offered for this unit. Homework is checked periodically when time permits, but the points for homework are negligible compared to the quizzes, test, and project. The purpose of homework is not to finish it to earn points, but rather to use it to sharpen skills in order to perform better on quizzes and tests.


Just use the menu bar above: hover over "Notes & Docs", and choose Unit 5. Or follow this link.

HELP! I want a better grade!!!

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Are you worried about a low grade in Algebra 3? Looking to bring that grade up ASAP? Here are some tips for students and parents to boost your grade (and more importantly your knowledge of the course material).

  • The number one biggest area for improvement that I see on a regular basis is homework. The effort that you put into your out-of-class practice and the way that you approach it will make a huge impact on your success in this class. I am not talking about simply getting all of the homework assignments done. I am talking about practicing with purpose. Let me break this down:
    • Do you check the answer to every practice problem as soon as you finish it? If not, you are wasting your time. A major purpose of homework is to try out the skills and concepts on your own to see if you are getting it. How will you know if you do not check? Answers are provided for every homework assignment, so take advantage of them. And don't wait until you finish the assignment, or you may find you have just done the whole thing wrong (what a waste!). If you have ever taken a quiz, thought you did well, and then been surprised that you did not, then you are probably not spending enough time checking your practice work. Discover your questions on the homework, not on quiz day.
    • What do you do when you find that you got a practice problem wrong? Do you immediately try to figure out your mistake? You should. Sometimes this can be really hard, especially when a concept is new. Your first question should be: Is my process right? Check your notes or the examples videos on the website and make sure you are doing the problems correctly and not missing any steps. Then ask: Did I make a small error somewhere? Step through the problem and look for common arithmetic problems like sign errors. You might even try working through the problem a second time on another sheet of paper. Do your best, given the time you have, to correct your mistake. I strongly believe that if you can find and correct your mistake on your own, you will be much less likely to make it again.
    • If you are unable to correct your mistakes on your own, do you get help? We have time at the beginning of class nearly every day that I will ask for homework questions. If you aren't comfortable asking in front of the class, feel free to e-mail me a problem number the night before, and I will make sure that we go over it in class. But it doesn't end there. Simply watching me go over a solution or getting help identifying an error will not make you less likely to have the same issue later. You need to go back and re-do the problem on your own. Even better would be to find a different but similar problem and use it as a test for whether you really understand (make sure to check your answer!)
    • Are you modifying your practice assignments to suit your needs? All Algebra 3 student are encouraged to do this. I would rather have you doing problems that will help you grow in areas you are struggling than waste your time doing problems that are easy for you. Practice assignments consist of a set of odd-numbered problems. For each problem you are assigned, there is another even-numbered problem that is very similar. You are allowed to cut out odd-numbered problems from your practice sets and replace them with even-numbered problems. For example, let's say an assignment has 6 exponent problems and 8 radicals, and you have passed your exponents quizzes but are struggling with radicals. Feel free to cut 5 of those exponent problems (do one to keep your skills sharp!) and replace them with 5 of the even-numbered radicals problems. You may replace ANY homework problem with a problem from ANY of the practice sets or ANY of the practice quizzes. In fact, feel free to ditch the assigned practice set altogether and build yourself a set of problems that helps you to practice in the areas you need it most.
  • There is additional help available during, before and after school. If you have fallen behind or feel like you are struggling to understand a new topic, please take advantage of the opportunities for additional help. We teachers can cover a lot of ground quickly in a small group or one-on-one. See your teacher about scheduling for before or after school. Also, there is a math teacher on duty every day during all of the lunch periods (4th, 5th, and 6th) specifically for providing additional help. Signs are posted in every classroom detailing where you can go for help during these periods.

Understanding Quiz Grades in the Online Gradebook

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PARENTS: For all quizzes this unit, the gradebook will show either a 0%, 100%, or a blank. Here's what each means:
  • blank - We have not covered this material yet in class, or we have only covered it very recently. Students would not be expected to have mastered it yet.
  • 0% - We have covered this material in class and had sufficient opportunities in class for students to get help with any issues they may be having. Students would be expected to have mastered this material. However, the student has not yet passed this quiz. Note that the student may have tried the quiz and failed, or the student may not have taken the quiz at all yet. In either case, the student is considered behind in this material. Students may re-take any quiz from this unit until October 7. As soon as they take and pass a quiz, the 0 will be changed to a 100%.
  • 100% - The student has taken and passed this quiz. Note that students may take any quiz from the unit on any Quiz Opportunity day. Many students are working ahead and have already taken and passed quizzes over material that has not been formally presented in class yet.

Open House

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Thank you to all parents, guardians, and students who attended Open House. Click the link below to view the slides presented. 

2016-17 Policies (Algebra 3)

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Please read through the policies and procedures.

Algebra 3 Policies 2016-17

Welcome to Algebra 3!

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It's going to be a great year!

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