Supporting our school means we do need to raise money. Our main fundraiser has been and continues to be a Direct Donation Campaign in the fall. We have found that our families prefer directly donating to the PTO rather than purchasing items like magazines or food. 

There are many other ways to help our school earn money, however, that don't cost anything extra. Two of our biggest programs are the rewards cards at local businesses and Box Tops. We also sometimes have special nights at local restaurants, known as Spirit Nights. 

Please see below for more details, especially on the Reward Cards. You need to relink your loyalty card to Broadus Wood Elementary each fall. And thank you for all your support!

Our campaign will officially start in the fall this year. We will, of course, accept donations at any time!. Our goal will again be to raise about $25 per child. As our main fundraiser, this is to ensure we can fully fund items such as Staff Allocations, Field Trips, & Assemblies.

This is a great way to support the school through an activity you probably do every week - shop! Local stores like Harris Teeter, Kroger and Target all have reward card programs that help earn money or equipment each time the reward cards are used. All you have to do is link your reward card to our school. No additional purchases are necessary and this does not take away from individual rewards, such as the Kroger Fuel point program.

However, you must link each reward card with Broadus Wood at the beginning of each school year, even if you did so last year. There are instructions for each card below. Please also consider asking friends or family to link their cards as well. As several of these programs work nation wide, participants don't have to live in this area. Every little bit helps!

Harris Teeter

1. Go to the Login Page for Harris Teeter and login. If you don't have an account linked to your reward card, you can do that here as well.

2. Once you get to the My Dashboard page, scroll down and click on the link under "My Schools." 

3. On the "Together in Education" page, click on "Add a School." Type in our school ID, 5733, and click on our school name. Make sure it shows up in the window under Current Schools. That's it!


There are two ways to sign up the  reward card. First, you can register your card at the Customer Service counter in the store. Second, if you have a smartphone, ask a checker to scan the barcode image below during check out. 

Also remember that you can register your Target card to Broadus Wood so we earn money whenever you use your Target credit card!

Box Tops

Each year Broadus Wood does a fall and spring Box Top collection to raise money for the school. Last year we exceeded our goal of $1500 simply by clipping/saving/turning these tiny pieces of paper in (each has a value of 10 cents). For those families who are new to the program, a picture of a Box Top is shown to the side. Click here for more information about the program and the products that have Box Tops on them. 

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