Logo Items/Spirit Wear

Each year the PTO provides students, staff, families and friends the chance to purchase items with the Broadus Wood Bobcat logo. This is a great way to show your school spirit! The items are available twice a year - once in the fall and once in the spring. 

Spring Sale


The sales dates are April 13-25.  Order forms were sent home April 13th.


Vendor: We have partnered with Blue Ridge Graphics (a local vendor on Meade Avenue) and have some great items and color choices to offer. 


Samples: Samples will be on display in the front office during sale dates. 


Sizing: The tie-dyed T-shirts run small, so take advantage of our display samples to determine your correct size. We do not have sweatshirt samples but sizing should align with the tie-dye T-shirts, so please use those to help with your choice. All of the tags say "pre-shrunk" but you should expect some slight shrinkage in the tie-dyed T-shirts. 

Colors: The official BW colors are blue, white and gray.


Logo: BROADUS WOOD BOBCATS (in all white) with a picture of a bobcat (in all white) centered on the front of all clothing.


Per the vendor, there are NO exchanges or refunds due to sizing issues. These products do not always run true to regular sizing, so please do NOT rely on prior purchases for sizing.


Click on the link to get a copy of the order form or to see examples of the items The logo items table in the front office will have additional order forms available if you prefer to stop by and place your order. Alternatively, you can send your order in via Backpack Express through your child's homeroom teacher in a sealed envelope marked "Spring Spirit Wear."

The PTO is sponsoring a commemorative t-shirt sale this year for the 5th grade class.  Our goal is for all of the students who desire to have one to wear on the 5th grade field trip to D.C.  Scholarships are available.  These t-shirts are also available for family and friends to purchase.  Order forms were sent home on April 16th.  Please return them by April 30th and be sure to sign off on permission to use your child's name on the back of the shirt or they cannot be listed!


Questions - please contact Helen Ascoli, Logo Items Chair -  helen@loringwoodriff.com.