Learning Garden

The goal of the Learning Garden is to develop the outdoor courtyards into outdoor learning spaces. If you would be interested in the planning phase, please add your name to the SignUp list so that you will be informed of future meetings and events. 

The plans for the Learning Garden are proceeding. At the end of last year, a new opportunity arose. As you know, the inner courtyards are not accessible after hours or during the summer. This severely limits what can be grown there. After various discussions it became clear that a much better place for a growing garden would be on the outside of the school. This means that the courtyards present a tremendous opportunity for outdoor classroom and work space.

There are now three areas for potential improvement: The Courtyards, The School Garden, and The Exterior. Work on these three areas can proceed independently, although the initial focus will be on the Courtyards and the School Garden. For further detail on each section, click on one of the areas below. The Learning Garden group, in consultation with our teachers and staff, will begin evaluating and developing final plans. We will then estimate a budget, work plans, and decide on a course to fund the work.

The School Garden
The Exterior


Here is a list of items to think about putting into the plan. Does this make you think of anything else? Have you seen websites or pictures of ideas? Send them in!

More raised garden beds
Place for reading to classes (seating for students and teacher)
Bird feeders/houses
Herb garden
Sensory tables or other equipment for science exploration
Perennial beds
Grassy areas for lounging

Benches to watch performances on the stage.
Art supplies - easels, benches, etc.
Tables (for eating or working)
Shade so the space is more usable
Curtains for the stage
Sound equipment

Fenced in area
Raised beds for vegetables, enough for each class
Raised beds/containers for herbs

Beds in front of the school
Berm in front of parking lot
Side borders

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