Inquiry Fair

BWES Science-in-Action Inquiry Fair 2016

Using inquiry to engage students in the investigation of meaningful real-world questions, increases student motivation, ensures better long-term retention of information, and develops information literacy & critical thinking skills that will last a lifetime. With your enthusiastic support, this will be an exciting experience for your child!


Showcase of student work will be held on Thursday, April 14th

Individual projects must be delivered to school BY Tuesday, April 12th

Every K-4 student at Broadus Wood will be completing a group or individual inquiry fair project as part of classroom instruction, but these students also have the option to complete an independent project at home. Fifth grade students will be doing their inquiry projects at home, but with the structured support of teachers at school. All students can work on their home projects individually or with a partner. 

Contact Karen Heathcock ( with any questions.