Game/Activity Ideas

Here are some ideas for the games and decorations, hopefully they will inspire you! Remember, don't hesitate to ask for help collecting the materials you'll need to make the games.

Bowling Game
Ghosts made out of rolls of toilet paper, faces done with black marker.
Empty cans/cups decorated like monsters.
Empty water bottles/plastic liters

DIY Photo Stand-ins
These can be made of wood or cardboard. Basically it's an image or picture with a hole cut out for someone's face.

Halloween Mystery Boxes
These can be small (tissue box) or big (paper copy box with lid). They just need one opening large enough for a hand. The rest can then be decorated.

Most of the ideas are for creepy things (label on the outside of the box) such as:
Eyeballs - peeled grapes or olives
Intestines/worms - cold, wet spaghetti
Fingers/toes - cheese sticks, baby hot dogs
Ears - slices of green pepper
Spiders - twisted chenille stems
Petrified rat tails - pretzel sticks

Pin the 'Tail'
Pin the tail on the black cat
Pin the wart on the witch
Pin the nose on the Jack-o-lantern

Pop the pumpkins
We have a board with hooks, where the balloons can be attached. Use orange balloons for 'pumpkins' - they can be filled with confetti and/or a small prize.

Pumpkin Broom Race
For this we'll need a couple of brooms and small pumpkins, plus masking tape to mark out a 'course' on the gym floor. 

Ring Toss
Rings can be tossed around witch's hats; the tops of pumpkins, or bottles of colored water. The rings can be glow stick necklaces, bands from canning jars

Treasure Hunt
Fill a kiddie pool, large cardboard box, wheelbarrow, etc. with things like leaves or hay. Then small 'treasurers' will be hidden inside. Children can search until they find one.

We will have activities in the gym, cafeteria, hallways, and rooms 1, 3, 4, 6 & 8. We'd love to add some decorations to make things festive. Ghosts, leaves, witch hats, cats, pumpkins, etc. would all be great additions. If you'd like to bring a jack-o-lantern we can display those along the front during the festival - just don't forget to take it home at the end.