Regional Science Fair

February 22, 2018
CU Boulder - Glenn Miller Ballroom
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Congratulations to our ISEF Award Winners from BVSD!
Los Angeles, CA, May 14-19, 2017

Isabella Bowland, Fairview High School
First: Plant Sciences ($3,000)
Best in Category: Plant Sciences ($5,000)
Project Title: Documentation and Prediction of Alpine Fungal Distributions with respect to Global Climate Change 

Kyle Fridberg, Fairview High School
First: Air Force Research Laboratory Award ($750)
First: American Chemical Society Award ($4,000)
First: Chemistry Category ($3,000)
Best in Category: Chemistry ($5,000)
Science and Culture Trip to India
Project Title: A Novel Method of Synthesizing Colloidal Gold Nanoparticles from Gold Ore and Aqueous Sulfuric Acid

Elliot Gorokhovsky, Fairview High School
First: Association for Computing Machinery ($1,000)
First: Bruno Kessler Foundation WebValley Summer School Program in Italy
First: Systems Software Category ($3,000)
Project Title: Adding Data-Aware Sort Optimizations to CPython

ISEF Qualifier: Claire Victor, Centaurus
Project Title: Hydrogen Fuel Cells: The Future of Energy

Announced Friday, March 3, at Nevin Platt Middle School

2017 Project Allocations by School

The allocation number is based on school participation over the last four years 
AND the number of participants delegated to a school based on school population.

If you would like to request additional allocations, or if you know you will not use all of your project slots, please email as soon as possible and/or no later than November 1.  There will be an appeals process, which the science fair committee will facilitate. 
Please call or email with questions.

School2017 Rounded Allotment Number2016 Participation (Projects)
New Vista54
Peak to Peak64
Total Senior Level Projects106101
Aspen Creek50
Broomfield Heights Middle711
Boulder Country Day1512
Flagstaff Academy1414
Monarch K-8 60
Platt 93
Peak to Peak 1616
Sacred Heart45
Southern Hills 86
St. John the Baptist54
St Louis Catholic40
Total Junior Level Projects135104

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