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Monday, Tuesday, Friday Schedule

 Time     Period Course Title/Teacher Schedule
 8:30-9:20 1st           Planning/ Office Hours
 9:25-10:15 2nd Statistics/ Problem Solving
 10:20-11:10    3rd Statistics/ Problem Solving
 11:15-12:05 pm 4th Planning/ Office Hours
 12:10-1:00     5thPre-IB Algebra II
 1:05-1:55 6th                         Lunch
 2:00-2:50 7th            AVID 11 (in room 229)
 2:55-3:45 8th Pre-IB Algebra II

Wednesday Schedule

Time     Period Course Title/Teacher Schedule
 8:30-9:55 am     1st  Planning/ Office Hours
10:00-10:45 am    Advisory
11:20-12:45pm 3rdlunch, and then Statistics/ Problem Solving
 12:50-2:15pm 7thAVID 11

 2:20-3:45 pm       5th Pre-IB Algebra II

Thursday Schedule

Time     Period Course Title/Teacher Schedule
 8:30-9:55 am     2nd   Statistics/ Problem Solving
10:00-11:254th        Planning/ Office Hours
12:00-1:25 pm8th lunch, and then Pre-IB Algebra II
 1:30-2:55 pm6thPlanning/ Office Hours
 2:55-4:00 pm      
 Teacher PLC time (no students)

Contact Information

Name: Chad Rosin
Phone: 720-561-7518

Extra Help Times

You can come in to receive extra help during 1st, 4th, or 6th periods. If I am not in my room, I am probably in the library or over in the math office.