Chez Mme Ladouceur

March 19. 2020

Welcome students and parents.

Wow! Bonjour mes amis!

This is such a strange time, isn't it! However, the important thing is that we all stay positive and healthy!

I will continue to use Google Classroom for the delivery of my lessons. As I will only have half the normal classroom time. I will have to water down the curriculum. This will also mean less practice time and less mastery. However, it will all work out. I will make certain that what I teach you will prepare you for the next French course. No worries. And, if certain items of importance are not taught or need to be retaught , this can be accomplished in the next school year. D'accord/OK?

Do not fret or worry. As always, mes amis, I will make sure to help each and everyone of you as best as I can!

For the main mode of communication, please use Google classroom to submit assignments. If you need to contact me, please email me and I will get back to you in short time. I will be checking my email several times during the day.

If you are not able to use Google classroom, just let me know. You can submit an assignment with email and an attachment.

Remember: Il n'y a pas de problèmes; il y a seulement des solutions!

There are never any problems; only solutions.

I will start our on-line learning as of Monday, March 30th. I will post everything on our google classroom slides- just like I have been doing all year long!

How will you know if an assignment is going to receive a grade? I will let you know in our lesson and it will appear in the homework slide as well as in Infinite classroom! I will let you know how you will be graded as well!

Also, parents, please email me anytime! I am here for your son/daughter/student - as always!!

Enjoy your spring break as best as you can! Our on-line learning will start on MONDAY, MARCH 30, 2020!

Merci! Thank you!

Mme Marlene Ladouceur


Monday, Tuesday, Friday Schedule- I teach periods 3, 4 and 5.

Wednesdays- I teach periods 3 and 5.

Thursdays- I teach Advisory and period 4.

My official academic time is period 6.

Note: It is always best to make an appointment, if possible or simply to notify me via email or in person to make sure that I will be there to help you to succeed!

Go Warriors GO!

Mme Ladouceur

Contact Information

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Name: Marlene Ladouceur


Phone: 720-561-7530 (room 2000)

It is best to email me as I am not always in this classroom and this classroom is shared with Mme Hubbard!

Extra Help Times

Please refer to the calendar to the left. If you need a special time to meet with me, please talk with me or e-mail me and we will set up a special time to meet. Remember, that I am here to help you to be successful!

N'AYEZ PAS PEUR! Have no fear! I will talk with all about you in class about how this philosophy of mine relates to our year ahead!

Wednesday Schedule

Thursday Schedule