About Justice High


The mission of Justice High School is to provide year round college prep education for all enrolled Boulder Valley and St. Vrain Valley students.  Justice High School's curriculum and program design is ideal for at risk youth who are disconnected from the traditional school system because of juvenile delinquency, drugs and alcohol, alienation, or other factors.  Justice High provides its students with a structured academic setting with high expectations.  Justice High's philosophy is that these 'at risk' youth can become successful if given an opportunity and a structured environment.  The school's program provides instruction using the AP model.  Justice High's educational program will allow students attending full time to finish their high school requirements within two to three years.  Justice High School does not discriminate in its hiring practices nor its admission of students.  Justice High gives each student the opportunity to grow into respectful adults who will have the knowledge, will, and self-esteem to succeed in college and life.

Professional Development

The Faculty at Justice High School is committed to providing the best education and learning environment possible for their students.  To this end, they have been trained in the diverse variety of programs designed to help their students.  The most influential programs in use at Justice High School include:

Eric Larsen's Discovery Program which develops "a strong sense of community" and "gives feedback on specific positive social skills."

Beverly Title's Restorative Justice which generally seeks to repair the harm to the victim and the school community caused by a student's misconduct.
                                        It focuses on Relationships, Respect, Responsibility, Repair, & Reintegration

Student Advisory Groups & Courageous Conversations

Bridges Out of Poverty which helps to build a sustainable, healthy community and addresses poverty in a comprehensive way.

Moral Reconation Therapy, MRT, which is used to address truancy in schools.

And, finally, a plethora of trainings designed to curb harrassment, discrimination, and, in general, create a Safe Zone for all students.

Commendation From Former Governor Bill Owens

On August 12, 2005, each of the Faculty at Justice High School received this letter.

"On behalf of the State of Colorado, I would like to commend you for your hard work and
dedication to the Justice High School program, and your commitment to excellence in
"When it comes to quality education, it is my firm belief that no student should be denied
access to valuable opportunities for educational success.  I am delighted to see the
success Justice High School has had in creating alternative academic choices for students
who are not successful in the traditional school system.  I applaud your efforts to
intervene in the lives of at-risk students and provide them with positive alternatives."
"It is with enthusiasm that I thank you for your work on behalf of at-risk students and your
devotion to serving your community."

Awards of the Faculty

TJ Cole - Letter of Commendation from Governor Roy Romer for work at Boulder Prep High School
TJ Cole - Champion for Children
TJ Cole - Honorary Service Award for Boulder Prep High School
TJ Cole - Letter of Commendation from Governor Bill Owens for work at Boulder Prep High School
TJ Cole - 'I Have a Dream' Foundations Dream Maker Award
TJ Cole - BVSD Excellence Award
TJ Cole - 20th Judicial District Winner of the CJI Magistrate of the Year Award
TJ Cole - Citizen Compassion Award
Michael Schefferstein - Achievement Rewards for College Scientists, ARCS - Member Scholar
Entire Staff - Letter of Commendation from Governor Bill Owens for work at Justice High School
Michael Schefferstein - Achievement Rewards for College Scientists, ARCS - Angel Scholar
TJ Cole - Spark Plug Award
Michael Schefferstein - Achievement Rewards for College Scientists, ARCS - Denny Gragg Memorial Scholar
TJ Cole - Letter of Commendation from Governor Bill Ritter for work at Justice High School
TJ Cole - Law Enforcement Award for Outstanding Work in the Law Enforcement Field
Entire Staff - Received an award from Impact on Education for their work at Justice High School
TJ Cole - St. Olaf Award - Denver North High School Distinguished Alumni
Michael Schefferstein - AcademicKeys Who's Who in Sciences Higher Education
TJ Cole - Central Division High School Football Coach of the Year
TJ Cole - Colorado College Honorary Doctorate 'Outstanding Service to the Judicial Profession and the Community'
Michael Schefferstein - Certificate Of Appreciation from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics for helping with the My College Options program
Tijani Cole, JD 2010 Award Winner

Tijani Cole, JD 2010 Award Winner

Michael Schefferstein - Yellow Scene Magazine published an article about his work at Justice High School
Michael Schefferstein - Justice High School's "Iron Mike" Award For 10 Years of Service
          'Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world'
          In appreciation for your compassion to help 'at risk' students succeed, and for dedicated service to your community.

The Building Itself

The property is a one story building originally built in 1979 with an expansion in 2002.  The building sits on approximately 59,000 square feet with the remaining 53,000 square feet left for additional parking, a basketball court, gardening, & open land.

Picture courtesy of Khu Schefferstein Photography!!!