Wellness in Action

Please note that information on this page is relevant for IN-PERSON SCHOOL only.   The current on-line class requirements can be accessed via BVSD Schoology Accounts.   

Activity Guidelines for Teens:    

        150 minutes at a moderate-vigorous intensity per week                                                        (from: Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion)

Wellness in Action:   A “Fitness Based” Approach to PE.

Our “Fitness Based” Physical Education program encourages students to begin the habit of Daily Physical Activity.  Daily Physical Activity improves learning readiness and focus in the classroom and motivates students toward wellness for life.  Current Research supports Fitness Based activities be taught in PE class rather than Sport based activities.  As little as 20 minutes of activity in the Aerobic Training Zone provides for an optimal learning situation for the following 2 to 2 ½ hours through the development of new brain cell connections, increased focus and better problem solving.  That 20 minutes of daily activity increases academic performance while decreasing negative behaviors.  Our objective is to address the student’s whole complete package which includes academics and fitness.

The PE Department structure will be mostly “Fitness Based”, rather than “Sport/Ball Based”, in our approach.  Students will have different options for activity during their PE class everyday.  These options will include some sort of ball activity, a fitness class/activity or time in the weight room.  Grading will be based on the Intensity a student demonstrates each week measured with Heart Rate Monitors and overall improvement in 4 standardized fitness tests.  The responsibility for showing effort within the activity of their choice is on the students and improvement will be measured throughout the semester.  Administration is attempting to schedule academic classes immediately following PE in order to receive the brain benefits as previously discussed (better impulse control; Stress management; improved memory; formation of new brain cell connections; speedier information retrieval; higher self-esteem; etc…).  


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