Coaches and Captains

Coaching Philosophy
compete (v.) from the Latin competere, "to strive together"

Cross Country is a unique sport in that it challenges both the individual
and the team. Just as an individual athlete’s success in a race is a
by product of the hard work and dedication he or she puts in, the team
will succeed only if we all help one another.  As your coaches, we will be
supportive and encouraging in every regard. We are here to motivate,
guide, and advise you on how to reach the goals you have set for

But we are also here to kick your butt!

Our long-term goal for the program is to provide a fun team atmosphere
where athletes enjoy running, while maintaining a competitive spirit. We hope many of our athletes become
life-long runners. We believe that running benefits students not only on
the race course, but also in the classroom, and in life.

Devin Rourke, “Coach D”: Head Coach, Boys Varsity
Coach D has been the head coach of the Cross Country team since 2011. In that time, the team has won 6 Regional titles, has sent 11 teams to State (six girls teams, five boys teams), 9 of which have placed in the top 10, and one of which won the school's first-ever running-sport State Championship (Boys 4A 2011). Coach D has been named the Northern Conference Coach of the Year in 2012, 2016, and 2017, and was named the All-Colorado Coach of the Year in 2011.

Jen Moeller, "Coach Moeller": Girls Varsity


We consider the captains an integral part of the coaching staff and they are held to a high standard of leadership and commitment to the team. It is important that they lead by example, and help every team member to achieve their goals.

When we, as a team, vote on captains for the next season (at our end-of-season awards banquet) we choose individual(s) who will best represent the values of any Centaurus Athletics program: Honor, Empathy, Achievement, Respect, and Triumph. We consider who would bring the team together, and keep us focused on our common goals.
2019 Season Captains:  Katie Hooten, Riley Geldean, Ben Handwerker, James Overberg
2018 Season Captains:  Molly Maksin, Brooke Calvo, Kyle Piper, Cooper Brown
2017 Season Captains:  Emma Wager and John O'Malley
2016 Season Captains:  Meghan Davinroy, Sabrina Stern, John O'Malley, and Nick Titus
2015 Season Captains:  Ava Atkinson and Maggie Moline and Caio Gajdys 
2014 Season Captains:  Nicole Rosen and Brady Tobin
2013 Season Captains:  Kelsey Wood and Warren Harris and Brady Tobin
2012 Season Captains:  Katie Dishman and Scott Doyle and Chandler Reid
2011 Season Captains:  Halle Peterson and Jack Marshall