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Day Date 

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Where Out of Class Bus leaves CHS (very) approx. bus return to CHS  Race Start Times, Awards Results
Wed 8/15 2mi Time Trial Home XC Course, Waneka NA NA NA  (at practice) click here
Sat   9/1 Centaurus Invitational
(Meet Website)
Waneka Lake, Lafayette, CO NA Meet at Waneka by 7:30am Athletes please stay afterward to help clean up Schedule:
G Varsity (Run 7, Score 5)- 9:00
B Varsity (Run 7, Score 5)- 9:30
G JV (Run 7, Score 5)- 10:00
B JV (Run 7, Score 5)- 10:30
Boys Open (unlimited, unscored)- 11:00
Girls Open (unlimited, unscored)- 11:03
Awards- 11:45
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Golden Shoe:
Chloe Bilello and Matthew Grant

Sat 9/8 Liberty Bell Invitational


“A” Races
  • Medals to top 10 Individuals, awarded as runner exits the chute
  • 1st , 2nd , and 3rd place Team Trophies (Awarded in Ceremony)
“B” Races
  • Ribbons to top 10 Individuals, awarded as runner exits chute
“C” Races
  • No team scoring or awards
  • Coaches get participants times.
Heritage HS NA 7:00am 1:00pm Schedule:
8:45- Div2 Boys A 
8:48- Div2 Girls A
9:05- Div1 Boys A
9:08- Div1 Girls A
9:25- Sweepstakes Boys A (run 7, score 5)
9:28- Sweepstakes Girls A 
(run 7, score 5)
9:45- Div3 Boys
9:48- Div3 Girls
10:05- Div2 Boys B
10:08- Div2 Girls B
10:25- Div1 Boys B
10:28- Div1 Girls B
10:45- Sweepstakes Boys B 
(run 7, score 5)
10:48- Sweepstakes Girls B 
(run 7, score 5)
11:05- Div1 Boys C
11:08- Div1 Girls C
11:25- Sweepstakes Boys C (unlimited entries, no team scoring)
11:28- Sweepstakes Girls C 
(unlimited entries, no team scoring)
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C race times

Golden Shoe:
Natalie Kramer
Benji Schatz
Fri 9/14 Broomfield Invitational


Broomfield County Commons Park Schedule:
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Golden Shoe:

Fri  9/14  John Martin Invitational

High School Course Map

Spectators should park in the far east lot at Timberline Church just north of FCHS. See attached document. There is a bridge from the parking lot for spectators to walk to Case Park and the fields where the races will be run.

All High School Varsity Races: 1st through 10th individual medals, 1st place team trophy.

High School Open Races: 1st through 10th individual medals, 1st place team trophy.
Fort Collins HS 12:40 1:00pm 8:00pm Schedule (updated 9/6/18)
3:00 MS – Boys Var
3:20 MS – Girls Var
3:40 MS – Boys JV
4:10 MS – Girls JV 
4:45 HS - Boys Var Div 1 & 2 (races run simultaneously, scored separately)
4:52 HS - Girls Var Div 1 & 2 (races run simultaneously, scored separately)
4:55 MS – Awards
5:20 HS - Girls Open (Unlimited entries, all timed, first 7 represent a team; score 5; all other runners dropped from scoring)
5:50 HS - Boys Open (Unlimited entries, all timed, first 7 represent a team; score 5; all other runners dropped from scoring)
6:20 HS – Awards


Golden Shoe: Kaden Strunk and Faith Brendefur
Sat  9/22 Pat Patten Invitational

Viele Lake Boulder, CO NA No Bus
(meet there at 8:30am)
No Bus
(pick up at ~12:00pm)
Varsity: Boys 9:30 (run 9, score 5)
Varsity Girls 10:00 (run 9, score 5)
Open: Boys 10:30
Open Girls 11:05
Awards ~11:45
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Golden Shoe: James Overberg and Katie Hooten
Fri 10/5 Northern Conference Championships @ North Lake Park, Loveland

Northern Conference:
Centaurus, Greeley Central, Longmont, Mountain View, Niwot, Northridge, Silver Creek, Thompson Valley

North Lake Park, Loveland 12:40 1:00pm 7:00pm Schedule:
Boys JV 3:30pm
Girls JV 4:00pm
Boys Varsity 4:30pm (run 7, score 5)
Girls Varsity 5:00pm (run 7, score 5)
Awards 5:30 pm

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Golden Shoe:
Nikita Marlin and Ben Hosansky
Sat 10/13  Trailblazer Freshman/Sophomore Championships

Course Map
Utah Park (across the street from Overland HS) NA 6:15am   11:00am Schedule:
8:00 AM Freshman Boys
8:30 AM Freshman Girls
9:00 AM Sophomore Boys
9:30 AM Sophomore Girls

Golden Shoe:

Thurs 10/18 CO 4A Region 3 Championships

Top 4 teams, and top 15 individuals go to 4A State Championship.

4A Region 3: Abraham Lincoln, Alameda International, Arvada, Centaurus, Denver North, George Washington, John F. Kennedy, Niwot, Northfield, Skyview, Standley Lake, Thomas Jefferson, Vista Peak

Course map

Parking: Parking will be cozy. We will have buses unload in the south parking lot and then follow the signs out of the parking lot to park on either McConnell Dr. or at the Mormon church that is just north of the 3-Way Stop as you approach the school. Parents will be able to park in the neighborhoods east and north of the school or in Bohn Park. We will not ask for a donation for this meet, so that parking is free.

Lyons High School XC Course, Lyons

(in conjunction with other Regional meets happening at Lyons that same day)
11am (White buses leave 11:20am) 5:00pm Schedule:
1:00 – 5A Boys (Run 9, score 5) 
1:30 – 4A(#3) Boys (Run 9, score 5) 
2:00 – 5A Girls (Run 9, score 5) 
2:30 – 4A(#3) Girls (Run 9, score 5) 
3:00 – 4A(#4) Boys (Run 9, score 5) 
3:30 – 3A Boys (Run 9, score 5) 
4:00 – 4A(#4) Girls (Run 9, score 5) 
4:30 – 2A Girls (Run 8, score 3) 
5:00 – 3A Girls (Run 9, score 5) 
5:30 – 2A Boys (Run 8, score 3) 

(Awards will be in front of the east grandstand.) 
5A Awards by 3:30 
4A(#3) Awards by 4:00 
4A(#4) Awards by 5:00 
3A Awards by 6:00 
2A Awards by 6:30

Boys splits
Girls splits

Golden Shoe:
Molly Maksin and Ben Handwerker

Sat 10/27  Colorado Cross Country State Championships

Colorado 4A

Course Map

Spectator Info

Full XC Bulletin (complete State info begins on pg 29) 
Norris Penrose Event Center, Colorado Springs

(White buses leave Fri)

Course Preview window: 3-6pm Friday
9:00 – 3A Boys
9:40 – 5A Girls
10:20 – 3A Girls
11:00 – 5A Boys
Unified Race – 11:40
12:20 – 2A Girls
1:00 – 4A Boys
1:40 – 2A Boys
2:20 – 4A Girls
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Golden Shoe:
Wed 11/7 XC Awards Banquet

Potluck Food
Turn in Uniforms

Commons (Cafeteria)
We will begin promptly at 6:30pm
      Dress is formal.

As is tradition, we ask that families potluck food:
9th: Salad
10th: Main Dish
11th: Drinks
12th: Dessert

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