Centaurus Warrior Cross Country
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site last updated 9/18/17 - Home, Photos, Results

Broomfield Golden Shoe winners:  Hannah Sommer and Daniel Roberts
Boys JV team 6th out of 10, and Girls JV team 6th out of 8, against varsity competition!

Woodbridge Golden Shoe winners:  Brooke Calvo and Henry Bowman

Congratulations Woodbridge Team!
In the "Rated" race (one step below "Sweepstakes"):
the Boys were 1st, Girls were 6th....
After merging every single race of the entire meet:
Of the 297 complete Boys teams that raced, Centaurus placed 9th!
Of the 288 complete Girls teams that raced, Centaurus placed 26th!
Girls Three Mile Run Finals Place
17:00.30 Riley Geldean 4
17:43.70 Katie Hooten 18
18:19.90 Brooke Calvo 41
18:45.80 Molly Maksin 75
18:46.30 Allison Macdonald 76
19:31.30 Helen Gover 116
19:45.40 Grace Armstrong 125
Boys Three Mile Run Finals Place
14:42.90 Cooper Brown 4
14:44.80 John O'Malley 5
15:08.10 Henry Bowman 28
15:16.00 Alex Hooten 38
15:19.10 Torey Puckett 44
15:20.10 Kyle Piper 45
16:46.80 Noah Llerandi 164

Week of Sept. 18th

Pat Patten Invitational

No Bus. Please arrive at team tent by 8:15am. Drop off near Southern Hills MS (ie. Knox Dr.)

Pick up athletes approx. 12:15pm

Team Dinner Thursday

Host: Armstrong (1201 La Farge Ave., Louisville)


Salad- Soph

Bread- Fresh

Drink- Senior

Dessert- Junior

Team Snacks at Pat Patten

Old Stuff:
CXC Summer Training

(feel free to add your own!)

💥💪💗👀👂👌👍     NEW Schedule for 2017!!     👍👌👂👀💗💪💥

M 8am Davidson Mesa TH (meet on Harper Lake side)------------------------------------------------------Steady run, Core workout

T 7pm Teller Farm TH (off Arapahoe)------------------------------------------------------------------------Hard run (Fartlek and Strides)

W 7pm Waneka Pavilion, w/ Watermelon!------------------------------------------------------------Easy warm up run, Circuit training

Th 7pm South Boulder Creek Tr. (Park @ East Boulder Rec Center)-----------------------------------Hard run (Prog. or Tempo)

F 8am Lafayette City Park (park just S. of the skate park)--------------------------------------------Easy run, then barefoot frisbee

Sa w/ even dates, 8am-Long Run on westbound Coal Creek Tr. (meet @ S. end of Louisville Sports Complex parking lot)

                                                                                  ^(Unless announced otherwise on team webpage, or facebook page)

Sa w/ odd dates, carpool leave CHS 7:45am, run start from TH @ 8:30am------Mtn Run @ Betasso (off of Sugarloaf Rd.)

Coaches will be in attendance when possible. Team captains will be in charge when coaches aren’t present. Practices typically last 60-75 minutes. Remember, being the best you can be requires consistent, dedicated training all summer!

2017 Captains: John O’Malley, Emma Wager