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site last updated 6/17/18 - Home Invitational

The Three Most Important Words In Cross Country:
June, July, August

CXC Summer Training Program 2018

Daily training from June 11th until Aug. 4th.

Cost:  $25

There will be a coach present at every weekday practice.

Please pay using the “Donate” link on the top left corner of the team webpage.

Please comment “student name, summer running”

💥💪💗👀👂👌👍     2018 Schedule 👍👌👂👀💗💪💥

MON     8am    Davidson Mesa TH (meet on Harper Lake side)

Steady run, core workout  

TUE      7pm    Teller Farm TH (off Arapahoe)

Hard run (fartlek and strides)

WED     7pm    Waneka Pavilion, w/ Watermelon!

Easy run, circuit training, watermelon

THUR   7pm    South Boulder Creek Tr. (park @ East Boulder Rec Center)

Hard run (progression or tempo)

FRI       8am    Lafayette City Park (meet near the skate park)

Easy run, core, barefoot frisbee

 SAT w/ even dates, 8am (meet @ Louisville Sports Complex parking lot)

Long run on westbound Coal Creek Tr.

 SAT w/ odd dates, carpool leaves CHS 7:45am, run starts from TH @ 8:30am

Saturdays, see below!

Trail run @ Betasso

Practices typically last 60-75 minutes, but Saturdays are longer. Captains are in charge of Saturday practices.

2018 Team Captains: Molly Maksin, Brooke Calvo, Kyle Piper, Cooper Brown

Saturday Long Run Locations and Times

6/16- Louisville Sports Complex, 8am

6/23- Betasso (carpool leaves CHS 7:45am, run begins from TH at 8:30am)

6/30- Louisville Sports Complex, 8am

7/7- Doudy Draw Trailhead, 8am

7/14- Magnolia Road! (carpool leaves CHS 7:45am, run begins from where the Mag road pavement ends at 8:30am)

7/21- Louisville Sports Complex, 8am

7/28- Betasso (carpool leaves CHS 7:45am, run begins from TH at 8:30am)

8/4- Louisville Sports Complex, 8am



MILEAGE GUIDES (multiple tabs)

Save the Dates

Summer Running begins: Monday, June 11

XC Camp: July 17-20, Snow Mountain Ranch

Ironman Boulder volunteering: Sunday, June 10

Ironman 70.3 volunteeringSaturday, August 4

First Official XC Practice: Monday, August 6th ("holy cow, that seems early!" yes, the CHSAA XC schedule was bumped up 1 week compared to years past)